Saturday, May 9, 2009

A New Local Hipster Band to Keep an Eye On: Naomi What?

Everyone that works at the Replay also plays in a band (or two) and one of those projects is slated to play an early gig tonight. They're called Naomi What? (yes, it has a question mark, and unusual punctuation is always a sign of hipness) and their Myspace description terms their music: "Acousmatic/tape music/French pop/shoegaze." But don't worry: it's none of those things. The line-up features two percussionists and an acoustic guitarist playing quirky, sincere indie-pop with occasional three-part harmonies (but the sincerity is nicely undercut by the fact that everyone knows the members of the band and understands that, behind their amusingly earnest stage presence, the band members are really just as cynical and snarky as their audience). Having seen them twice, Richard has pinpointed the highlight of their gigs (and the pinnacle of their current hipness) as being their cover of Yo La Tengo's "Did I Tell You." You WILL sing along.

Catch their early patio gig at the Replay tonight along with an odd lineup featuring the comedy-folk of Monday's Millionaires (pictured below) and the furious metal of Hammerlord, whose Myspace contains this review of their work: "Nobody would typically associate the wheat field and suburb speckled corner of Northeastern Kansas with bloody-fanged wolves and godless barbarians on a bender of death n' destruction, but the seasoned collective of skull-bashers known as HAMMERLORD have done well to change the landscape with their maniacal debut."

Chip: "Hammerlord better keep that shit in Northeastern Kansas, because Forttt Scottt might well burn them at the stake like witches."

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