Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Mother's Day in Larryville! / Plus, Socially Conscious Local Show Pick of the Day!

Even hipsters love their mothers, and many of them will likely be celebrating the day with a few PBRs and perhaps a hipster-and-mothers kickball tournament.

But the main sight to see on this day is the sorostitutes out on Mass. Street with their sexy mothers in tow, many of whom are hot divorcees. Readers, it's a perfect environment for a cougar hunt! The boys have discovered that the best time to pick these cougars up is right after brunch, when they are horny on mimosas. And if you're kinky enough, you might just score a mother/daughter duo.

Our friend in the West, Dr. C, recently weighed in during one of our cougar-talkbacks with this incisive commentary:

"I do think cougars are a real phenom, although not as common as any one of us may hope. Divorcees are now not only permitted, but encouraged to be sexually active and openly available. Many have been emotionally burned, are financially independent, and hormonally driven to heights of desire usually above anything they've experienced in their lives.

With crazy fitness programs, money for the best fashions, even plastic surgery, some of them are pretty hot . . . at least until you get them undressed."

Happy hunting!


If you love to rock and you care about the Earth, you can't afford to miss tonight's performance by Earth Crisis at the Granada. Here's what has to say:

"Earth Crisis’ chugging riffs and barking declarations served as the mouthpiece of America's vegan, straight-edge movement throughout the '90s, detailing the ideas of animal and human liberation, drug-free living, and personal empowerment through hardcore song."

Chip: "I'll bet these straight-edge punks might quickly abandon their love for non-violence if I were to show up wearing my fur coat and eating a chicken-fried steak-on-a-stick."

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