Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Recap / Cougar Reminder! / And Cl.thier Brings the Raw and Passionate Weresex You've Been Waiting for in Today's Lupus!

So how did the boys spend their Cinco de Mayo? As it turned out, they spent the first half of it watching a local football hero, Todd Reesing, play video-trivia at the Sandbar. Unfortunately, this was a rare night when Chip was not wearing his favorite (legal) Joe College football T-shirt which reads "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Todd Reesing." But Chip was too shy to approach his idol anyway, although he very much longed to ask Reesing whether they were both equally sick of so much dull local baseball coverage. The boys found themselves quite impressed with Reesing's trivia skills (on most questions he was able to guess the answer after only three on-screen clues, the last of which pretty much told him the answer). In fact, he was 7000 points ahead of the other players, although perhaps they were letting him win. One of Riesing's friends, a former student of Chip, joined the boys briefly, allowing Chip to fire off a number of Reesing-related questions, such as: "Does he love trivia? Does he go out much? Is he really sweet and kind?" The boys then adjourned to Quinton's, with Richard predicting that Reesing would later "fuck everyone in the bar."

Quinton's, too, offered a celebrity sighting, one that pleased Richard far more than the football star: the boys' much-admired former waitress, the Woodchuck, unseen for quite some time, was off-duty and at the bar, dancing in her seat to Salt-n-Pepa along with a bevy of sorostitute friends, one of whom sank to the floor and did the splits at one point. Readers, that girl was very flexible! "I feel dirty," said Chip, but his gaze did not leave the bar, and Richard allowed that these sights made up for a lot of boring nights at Quinton's.


Tonight on the Cougar: "The guys must reveal their deepest secrets anonymously, and Stacey goes skydiving with the two whose secrets touch her most deeply. But only one of them returns to the mansion, where he and the other remaining contestants must each write a song describing his feelings for her. It's dinner and a show for the winner. Back at the mansion, another guy is in tears."


A lot of readers on the street have been saying: "Harry Lupus is great, but it's rarely sexy enough that I actually want to rub one out to it." Perhaps Cl.thier's entry today will change that. Put the kids to bed, readers, because Harry and Muffy are about to fuck!

"Harry woke up with an intense hangover and a taste in his mouth he could only compare to the floor of a dog pound. He tried to piece together the evening, but could only turn over fragments. He remembered going to the Homecoming football game against the Fort Scott Bears but had no idea who won or when he left. There was some sort of run-in with the weird emo kids who all looked like wet Gothic rats, but Harry couldn’t remember why it started or how it ended. He also remembered going to Muffy’s party out at the lake, but had no recollection of coming home. Rolling over, he found his sheets in tatters, and his clothes nowhere to be found. What he did find was Muffy.
Muffy’s naked body was sprawled out face down next to him, her chest moving easilyy, her small, rounded butt cheeks squirming ever so slightly. Harry had no idea how either of them had gotten there, but he didn’t care – his animal instincts were taking over, and he climbed on top of Muffy, grinding his hips into her backside. For a split second he worried she might protest, but Harry was relieved when the only sounds from Muffy were a long, low growl of pleasure, followed by a desperate command, “Get me, Harry.”
The young and horny wereboy proceeded to do just that. Muffy continued to keep her face and shoulders pressed against the torn sheets of the bed, but raised her pert bottom into the air for Harry to take. He thrust his bony werewolf hips into her over and over, as she rocked back and forth, using her knees and elbows to time her hips and ass to slam into Harry as he moved forward to slam into her. An incredible growling and yelping arose, with the two thrashing against one another in a sexual frenzy that resembled a fight between two dogs than it did any sort of human lovemaking. Muffy reached behind her and clawed at Harry’s hips and butt, scraping the flesh off of his things. Harry’s own claws dug into Muffy’s own flesh as he grabbed her beautifully toned waist and pulled it to his pounding pelvis. The yawping reached a fever pitch and almost simultaneously the two let out long howls, the walls shaking from the combined vibrations of their sexual madness and throaty eruptions.
Suddenly, the door burst open and Alessandra M-, a foreign exchange student and K!p’s girlfriend, was screaming hysterically: “Eastsiders have K!ppy! Eastsiders have K!ppy!” Then she collapsed on the bed, sending all three tumbling in a heap of hair and sweat and sexual juices. Harry couldn’t believe his luck."


twig and berries said...

Did Chip follow Reesing into the bathroom? The Sandbar bathroom would probably be a great place for Chip to continue his penchant for Lawrence celebrity "junk watching," and afterward he could have compared Bill Self's national championship-winning bait and tackle with Reesing's Orange Bowl-champion undercarriage...good times!

Dr. X's got next! said...

So wait a minute.

How is this:

"her chest moving easilyy, her small, rounded butt cheeks squirming ever so slightly."


Does harry have some sort of crazy werewolf eyesight that allows him to see both ass and tits simultaneously? Cause I'm all up in that shit!!!

I need to get bitten by a were-thing so I can simultaneously see all the good and plenty at the same time. Otherwise, it gave me a boner.

--But my boner lulled when the scientific paradoxes of binocular-binocular werewolf vision kicked in.

PS -- Plus what sort of fantasy world exists where Kip lays a former student? Even fantasy must be grounded in reality!

Oh I just logged out dammit, don't make me log back in said...

A fully satisfying little installment. I was beginning to fear I wasn't gonna get my Wednesday werewolf fix. Dr. X, I think he's really referring to the movement of her ribs, but . . .

Hell, let's not question anything that lets us see the good and plenty.

Prof. Plum is back said...

Indeed, much of the power of the Lupus series lies in its head-on examination of sexuality, an area typically treated obliquely in adolescent genre fiction (Harry Potter and his "wand") or ignored entirely (the largely sexless early Twilight novels). Harry, unlike most awkward teenage males, is a creature in full control of his own sexuality, empowered by the animal (werewolf) nature that is most often repressed in "normal" teenagers by a conservative educational and religious system. But Cl.thier's work here is up to something more interesting than the rampant fucking witnessed in earlier installments. Cl.thier tenderly melds both human and animal sexuality (doggy-style sex) in what at first seems to be a standard committed relationship between Harry and Muffy, only to introduce a third party and thereby complicate our definitions of "normality," much the way that HBO's Big Love uses polygamy as a way of interrogating ingrained institutions. It will be interesting to see how the boys answer the many questions they have raised here...and also to find out if K!p transforms into a bear again and destroys his own friend for violating the "traditonal" bond of male friendship.

larry sterne said...

How will the emerging "bromance" of Harry and Kip deal with their differing animalistic natures and the ways in which traditional masculine relationships negotiate the competition for females, especially in a world where feminine roles, values, and actions are changing so quickly?

Muffy's (and, apparently, Alessandra's) unbridled sexuality doesn't necessarily fit into the boys' teenaged notions of femininity, and may prove to be a real obstacle to the boys achieving a truly meaningful bromance, a problem many observers argue the Q's boys struggle with in real life, with the sexuality flaunted by women like The Chipmunk proving too great for the boys to overcome. This tension first bubbled to the surface as "The Experiment," but is palpable at all Q's meetings, as the boys fight for the flirtatious affections of their attending waitress. Perhaps, like Andy Bernard and Dwight Schrute, they can find an outlet ("Country Roads") that allows them to channel their sexual impulses away from sexually predatory women (Muffy, The Chipmunk, Kelly the Receptionist) and into incredible banjo/guitar duets.

Maybe, just maybe, a plot twist will be introduced whereby Harry and Chip find themselves forced to dress in drag in order to find cheap room and board, and we'll get two new characters,Buffy and Hildegard, who further confound notions of gender and sexual identity, all while still navigating the sticky world of animorphism, shapeshifting, high school melodrama, the Bildungsroman, and the social stigma surrounding masturbation. The complexity of this tale is almost overwhelming... almost.

I'm pretty sure this is the modern Tristram Shandy!

bosom buddies said...

Yes, it's like Tristram Shandy but better...much, much better!

Dr. X said...

I like the fucking!