Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Lupus Finale Begins, Courtesy of Dr. X (click to enjoy) / And Don't Forget to Watch the Cougar Tonight!


Screw the Lost finale, whose second hour overlaps with episode five of The Cougar. TV Land's website offers this tantalizing preview of tonight: "Stacey is fed up and lets the cubs know it."

Chip: "She's angry because it's week five and these sad-ass cubs have barely even tried to bang her yet."


Dr. X, slaving away at the final! said...

Proofreading is for pussies!

impressed said...

The work that has gone into this finale is pretty impressive, given our three-person readership (at best!).

Dr. C said...

This is some weird shit. Here's what I learned:

The Replay is not a good place
Transmittens love puppies
Pillory can be hot

At least one of those is an enduring truth, worthy of being included in the greatest things thought and written.

But where are the wolves?

A Pretty Unicorn said...

In lieu of the mind-fuck that was Lost, Richard and I have decided to EXTEND!! the finale into next week.

We thought we were breaking ground with pictures... and then Lost blew all out shit up. So, now we hafta take the basic ideas that were going into the finale and LOST them up something fierce.

So, the prelude only means crazier shit is to come... perhaps this weekend... perhaps next week!

--But we're going big on the season finale now!

Jacob, statue-dweller said...

A bomb WILL explode!

The finale will make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about Harry Lupus. What if he's not even a werewolf at all? What if he's...just a cute bunny in a top hat?