Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grizzly Bear's New Album Coverage Begins!

Just because you sumbitches never respond on weekends doesn't mean we're quite ready to abandon our important weekend hipster coverage. Today's topic: Grizzly Bear.

If you're a hipster, you'll surely be in line at your local independent record dealer on Tuesday to buy a copy of Grizzly Bear's new album, Veckatimest, probably on vinyl. Let's take a look at some advance reviews.

Newsweek calls the album a "must-listen new album of experimental folk suites."

Chip: "The use of 'suites' is meant to equate the work with classical music, thereby convincing us of Grizzly Bear's 'importance.' But it doesn't work for me, since I think classical music is even more terrible than folk music."

The New Yorker's Sasha Frere-Jones writes: "Like Sonic Youth’s “Sister” and Radiohead’s “Amnesiac,” “Veckatimest” captures a band in full, collaborative density."

Richard: "Only the most pompous of hipsters prefer those albums. The rest of us know that Sonic Youth's 'Daydream Nation' and Radiohead's 'OK Computer' represent those bands at their peak."

Jones goes on to call Veckatimist's first single, "Two Weeks," "a big fat ice-cream cone of a song.

Chip: "Now that does sound delicious, I have to admit."

But what really matters, of course, is Pitchfork, and although they've yet to review the album as a whole, their track review section gives a rare 10/10 to the song "While You Wait for the Others, calling it "a premium hybrid of verse-chorus linearity and...arms-up, loosely bundled drum tumbles and starburst harmonies...".

Chip: "Just because it's got the verses and choruses in the right order doesn't necessarily mean it's great."

You can hear the song here:

See you at Love Garden on Tuesday!


Despite it's best ever seed (fifth) in the Big 12 Tournament, KU baseball emerged winless, dropping three games in a row. Does this mean they've actually sucked all along? Third baseman Tony Thompson still insists that the team "can play with any team in the country, and this weekend's not going to make that any different." (LJ-World).

Chip: "Sure, they can play with any team in the country. They just can't win, which is really the most important part."


cl.thier said...

"hybrid of verse-chorus linearity"? Is "linearity" even a word? That rag is completely devoid of any intelligent opinion. I'm convinced that a computer program writes their reviews - someone filled it with academic sounding words and silly, bloated sentence structure formulas and hits "Enter" every time they need a ridiculous-sounding review.

My disgust with The 'Fork grows each and every day.

serious journalism said...

I can always count on a Pitchfork review to rile you up, Cl.thier!

(but please play some Grizzly Bear tunes on Friday!).

Kip's milky nugs said...

I concur with the Cloth.

The only thing a pitchfork is good for is impaling the prigish shit who dares read and/ or quote it around me. Tis the stuff written and read by those who feel that if they find everything to be shit, they sound smart.

Which reminds me: T: S. Complete shit.

If I was pitchfork, it would take me three pages and four hipster assholes to say the very same thing. Also, they would probably like it.

--Let us burn the pitchfork, and start fire to the Replay with its embers.

McG said...

Hipsters have four assholes?

Kip's aging grandmother said...

Well, think about how full of shit they are!

--That's some good ole fashioned Ft. Scott humor there (complete with a rimshot and a rubber chicken).

behind the curve said...

Oh, I shoulda come here first to learn about the Grizzly Bears.

Cl.thier, as much as I respect your literary prowess, I am disappointed that you question a word like "linearity." Not only is it a great math term, it has a great sound.

Of course, I love any word with "ity" at the back, and coin them with high regularity.