Friday, May 22, 2009

"Snakes on the Plains": Another LJ-World Creature-Feature! / Plus, What to Do Tonight!

From domestic hedgehogs to urban chickens to that wacky cat that hitched a ride to California in a neighbor's moving van, the LJ-World loves stories about critters--and we love to read them! Today brings us another front-page feature which first broke as a story titled "Snakes on the Plains" last night on Channel 6 News at Six. Apparently someone was spotted dumping a number of poisonous snakes near Haskell Campus (which were first reported as "South African vipers" but now downgraded to "South American vipers). Campus officials took immediate action by posting (grammatically confusing) signs all over that read: "Reports of venomous snakes have been spotted in the area." Beware of the reports, readers! (and possibly the snakes as well).

Chip: "I suppose we really shouldn't be making fun of the grammar here. After all, the signs were probably posted by a drunken Indian."


If you want a perfectly artsy and hipster-iffic night on the town, readers, let us suggest the following itinerary for this evening:

Begin your night at the Percolator, where an exhibition of fiber and textile art called "Crosshatch" has its opening. Sure, it sounds dull as fuck, but "music, refreshments, the famous 'Make It' table, and dandelions await you" (

From there, it's just a few steps over to the Lawrence Arts Center, which is hosting a series of new works by local composers, including one from Ric Averill's new rock-opera about Edgar Allen Poe.

And end your evening, of course, across the way at the Replay's charity prom, where you'll find local hipsters ignoring the prom entirely and discussing next week's long-awaited release of Grizzly Bear's new album "Veckatimest." Expect full coverage of the album release next week.


bell hooks said...

I figured that the confusing grammar was intentional, both (vaguely) warning about venomous snakes while also subverting the conventions of the English language, the oppressors language. Take that, pale face!

St. Smiley said...

Rumor has it that Chip is being hired to lead the snakes out of town while playing his lute!

Whacking Day! said...

It's the only solution!

endless puns said...

I hear K!p is being hired to lead the Whacking Day festivities while he pounds the parapet... if you catch my meaning.