Friday, May 15, 2009

What To Do This Weekend!

Readers, it's graduation weekend in Larryville and that means a lot of graduating sorostitutes will be looking for one last fling before they walk down the hill, move back in with their parents, get knocked up by the assistant manager of Applebees, and start spending their weekend nights at Walmart instead of the Hawk. Go forth, readers, and bang them!

Tonight, as previously noted, brings the Deadwood Edition wake at the Replay and the Mammoth Life hipsterthon at the Jackpot. Look for Richard in the front row shouting for his favorite Mammoth Life tunes: "Play 'Disrupting The Extinction Of Distinction” {Part 3 – Ego}.'"

Tomorrow offers one of Larryville's more eccentric events, the Art Tougeau parade, in which a motley collection of elaborately decorated wheeled vehicles roll their way through the city streets. Today's LJ-World profiles one of them, The Dragon Wagon, which will be up for sale in coming weeks. The boys are expected to buy it and fill it with Quinton's waitresses on a cross-country summer road trip.

And a campus event on Saturday morning might also be worth a look: the Athletic Department is hosting a clearance sale of old athletic equipment and Allen Fieldhouse memorabilia.

Chip: "I hope to obtain Mario Chalmers' championship-winning jock strap. Not to wear, necessarily, but to display in my apartment and say, 'This strap housed the balls of the man who shot the shot that won the NCAA Championship.'"

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