Monday, May 4, 2009

Look Who's Twittering: Love Garden Records! / Plus, The LC's Photo of the Week

This week's Time magazine offers a list of the world's 100 most influential people, which includes "the Twitter guys," Biz Stone and Evan Williams. Their tribute is written by "actor" and Twitter-enthusiast Ashton Kutcher, who calls the invention of Twitter "as significant and paradigm-shifting as the invention of Morse code, the telephone, radio, television, or the personal computer."

In this new feature at the LC, we shine a light on various local personalities and businesses that are now "Twittering." First off, is Love Garden Records, and their account is an excellent way to stay on top of hip new records as well as find out the latest antics of the playful and hilarious "magical" Love Garden kitties! The site also offers daily passwords ("Derby Pie") that customers can use for special discounts. Here's a sample entry, and make sure to go to and become a "follower":

"Now playin' Black Moth Super Rainbow "Don't you Want to be in a Cult b/w Feel the Drip" 12". It's rad- if you are into that sort of thing!"

Chip: "I'm not into that sort of thing, but I hope to discover that Quinton's has a Twitter account in which various waitresses post 140 character updates about (and possibly during) their sexual encounters."

Richard: "I'll buy a PBR for the person who sends the best imitation of a Quinton's-waitress Twitter message to the talkback section."


In the LC "photo of the week," we have captured an alarming new trend in Larryville. Here we see one of the city's most famous hippies, the tall dude who flashes the peace signs along 9th Street, being hassled by "the Man" at yesterday's Art in the Park festival. First the hippies' Wakurasa Festival was chased away and now they're not even free to stroll in the park without police interference. What's next? Will the cops turn a hose on the Free State patio? Click to enlarge the photo.




I never thought about turning the hoses on the hippies! Not only would it bring back the good ole days of quelling peacenik riots with good ole H2O, but it will also give the hippies a much needed bath!

--I applaud this thinking and support the LC in its quest to clean the hippies!

a Twittering Q's waitress said...

"Fuck me on the ice bar."

The real voice of a Qs Waitress said...

Hey Grl!



This FUZZY guy in Elaztic Pants keeps axing me 4 more ChEZ for his sammich!


He smellz like teh CHEEZ!

I'm OUT A here!

a Twittering Q's waitress, pt. 2 said...

"Fuck me on the ice bar, Richard."

Winner: Dr X! said...

Mine's better:

"Fuck me on the ice bar, Richard... and let me get you the coldest Corona in town so you can quench your thirst while slipping me the manhammer."

free PBR for Dr. X! said...

Now that's the kind of Twitter we can all enjoy! (especially me).

I'll bring you that free beer during our upcoming viewing of "Angels and Demons" (because only beer can help one truly enjoy that silliness).

layin' track! said...

Richard doesn't "slip" the ladies his manhammer...he pounds them with it like John Henry, the Steel Drivin' Railroad Man...and the women love it!

I'm not so sure the slightly deranged peace sign flasher isn't harassing the cop, not the other way around...once you're in a conversation with one of those guys, getting out is harder than telling the mob, "You know what, I think I'm going to unjoin. I promise I won't tell anyone the secret handshake. Bye."

Q's waittress...

"ugh hungovr class sux poetry boo but teachr HOTT! 40s on porch this afternoon fuck yah bitches!"