Monday, May 25, 2009

Look Who's Twittering / Plus, Cougar Update!

Happy Memorial Day, readers! Enjoy your outdoor fun (nothing like a lukewarm PBR on the lake!) but make sure to heed this warning from the LJ-World on-line: "...wait at least 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder before resuming outdoor activities."

Let's briefly check in with a few local Twitterers. First up is Wonder Fair Art Gallery:

"Feeding Wonder Fair's new pet goldfish some oatmeal."

Follow the gallery at:

And then there's frequent Wonder Fair contributors Asteroid Head Art Club, who are currently planning a "summer camp," ensuring that Larryville will continue producing important young artists. Here's one of their recent posts:

"I karate-chopped the moon today then went out for icecream."

Follow the Club at:


We neglected your "Cougar" update last week, readers, so let's catch up. We're now down to three cubs and a clear frontrunner has finally emerged. His name is Jimmy and the cougar says that the reason he's her top choice is that she "can't stop dreaming about his body." Yes, it seems that what you think you know about cougars is true: sexual attraction is first and foremost and perhaps the only essential requirement in their choice of cubs.

Richard: "So shallow. As a bobcat, the first thing I want to know about a Quinton's waitress is whether or not she can discuss contemporary literature. Then and only then do I make sure she has an ass that won't quit."

Chip: "I'm going to be honest here. My eyes go straight to the titties."

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