Friday, May 1, 2009

Special May Day Edition / Plus, More Baseball News

Readers, it's May Day, and if it wasn't forty fucking degrees and rainy, you'd probably see sorostitutes dancing around maypoles on campus. As it is, that will have to wait for Cl.thier's special May Day performance tonight (he's said to have installed a special pole onstage for willing dancers...or strippers).

Today is also the official kick-off to the summer movie season, with X-Men Origins: Wolverine appearing in theaters (perhaps to largely empty every fanboy saw a pirated copy on-line weeks ago and declared it to be a pile of wolverine shit). Even so, the boys are in line today wearing specially designed sets of adamantine claws and hoping the multiplex version is somehow better.

Here's a review from Rotten Tomatoes: "The novel innovation is that these hairy wolves move in contrary ways."

Richard: "I don't know what that means, but it could be neat!"

In other news, the KU baseball team is continuing to get major local press coverage, as spectators seem to be clamoring for something even duller than women's basketball. Clark Goble's article in the UDK goes so far as to say that the baseball team's at-home record is even more impressive than the men's basketball team, due to the fact that the baseball team defeated the #1 team at home (Texas) and simply because "defending your home field is a lot tougher in baseball" (because it lacks supportive fans in the seats). Goble argues that it's time for a new local sports slogan: "Beware of the Hog!" (as in Hoglund Park).

Chip: "This kid should be expelled."


Comic Book Guy said...


It's a big difference, and an important plot point that was lost on those cougar-loving ass ponies at Fox. Wolverine should also only be 5 foot 5 inches, covered head to foot with hair and spent more time in japan with Mariko who later become Lady Deathstrikr in X2: X-Men United!


hugh jackman said...

This new film centers primarily around a glimpse of my ass. Keep in mind I was voted Sexiest Man Alive and that, no matter what we spell incorrectly, this film is still far better than Australia.