Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend Scenester Guide / Guest Column: @oxfordist and @beer_attack Go To Pitchfork Fest

It's another blazing hot weekend in Larryville. If you survived yesterday's sidewalk sale without suffering from immobilizing heat exhaustion, here are our picks for possible weekend events.

1) Tonight at Love Garden at 7:00: "Bullshit Artist will perform "Free Spazz" to a 16mm print of Ernie Gehr's "Serene Velocity".

This should be either the hippest or most pretentious event of the night. Maybe both?

2) Ad Astra Arkestra at the Replay: This is going to be sort of like a "sweat lodge." You will see rare visions.

3) Chicago duo My Gold Mask is rocking the Replay's late show. Pitchfork says: "The guitar stabs on "Fingerprints" are so Nick Zinnerishly juiced-up they actually splash." But apparently such a sound is only worth a paltry 5.9.

4) Spook Lights and Latenight Callers are at the Bottleneck tonight. We're getting more and more excited about the Spook Lights' new film, The Galactic Jungle. Check out this image of Gina Machina and go to the film's FB page for more:

5) The Granada offers up a steamy dance party with "Afro Night," which includes KC's Hearts of Darkness. We saw them recently at the Replay. There were so many people in the band they couldn't fit on the Replay's outdoor stage, but the Granada should give everybody room to shake it. Do you get in free if you have an Afro?

Go here for full details .

6) Victor Continental brings his erotic summer spectacular to Liberty Hall tonight and tomorrow at 9:30. We love yelling "Balls deep" and getting absolutely hammered with townies and scenesters, though we're kind of hoping for a new catchphrase this year.

7) Continents take the stage at the Jackpot tomorrow. I Heart Local Music has a recent piece about them (be warned: the piece contains no snark).

8) And at your local multiplex, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake will be fucking in Friends With Benefits. But we predict they'll ultimately fall in love at the end (hopefully in a scene where somebody chases somebody else to the airport).

Chip: "Does she show her kunis in this film or doesn't she?"


Our friends @oxfordist and @beer_attack sent us this nicely written piece about their trek to the Pitchfork Festival last weekend. Thanks! We love guest columns, readers! With your help, we could turn this blog into a collaborative cultural enterprise that's a little less dependent on Chip's boner jokes.

Enjoy the article:

Our trip to the Pitchfork Music Festival in numbers

2: Times we ate at Boiler Room, an amazing pizza joint that gives you a free shot of Jameson if you show them a receipt from using their ATM. (Nearly every local place is cash-only.) We tried slices of the Thai and of the pepperoni, not at the same time.

13: Bands we saw: Battles, Das Racist, James Blake, Animal Collective, Chrissy Murderbot, Woods, Gang Gang Dance, Odd Future, Baths, Kylesa, Toro Y Moi, HEALTH, and TV on the Radio. But the biggest star at the festival was the sun. #heatwave

2: Comic book stores we visited. CHECK!

20: Free water bottles we drank in the VIP area.

10: Free beers we drank in the VIP area. We stopped drinking when we didn’t feel drunk, but smelled drunk.

6: Inches away we were from Tyler, the Creator at one point. We didn’t ask for a photograph or autograph. That would be unhip.

2: Burgers we consumed named after metal bands. Kuma’s Corner, you may just be better than the Burger Stand.

2: Pretzels with beer cheese we ate. BEER CHEESE!

95: Degrees it got on the last day of the festival — the hottest.

10: Floors in the Harold Washington Library, which we visited. Speeches from the ‘80s are the best.

6: Free containers of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream we ate in the VIP area. Did we mention the free stuff?

0: Things we can say about the music, because no matter what, at Pitchfork everyone has their own personal opinions and most people don't care what others think.

And here is @oxfordist 's video of Tyler, the Creator digging the smooth grooves of Toro Y Moi. Who knew he was so sensitive?


Scary Manilow said...

Rumor has it you get to so BOTH of their Kunises (Kuni?). I don't know if they could ever be naked enough to make me actually want to SEE this movie, though.

Perosnally, I'm saving my ducets for the Galactic Jungle! When it finally opens, ten years from now.

Robocopter said...

saturday (tonight) BaioWolf is going to perform a set at The Granada for Bear Club's Dirty Dirty Dirty.