Thursday, June 5, 2014

Weekend Music and Movie Picks: Western Swing at Frank's, True Stories at Liberty Hall, Pulp Fiction at Art Emergency, and Black Joe Lewis at Bottleneck

We've already explored some prominent weekend options, such as tonight's Good Time comedy matinee at the Replay and Friday's outdoor screening of Stand By Me at the LAC and Saturday's IMPORTANT re-enactment of an episode of Full House at Frank's.

But what else might be of interest?

If you are excellent dancers, like us, consider the Western Swing sounds of Austin's Rollfast Ramblers  They roll into Frank's on Friday at 9:00, "bringing their western swing stylings across America, traveling from town to town as ambassadors from the past, from the 1930s - 1940s, when people gathered to swing together and celebrate all of life's beauty and woes!"  Read more over at the FB event page.

If you're not into the wholesome and booze-free crowd who will be watching Stand By Me at the LAC on Friday, venture into the quirky heart of ELFK to the new Art Emergency "gallery," where you'll find a bunch of kegs and an outdoor screening of Pulp Fiction.  The cost is $10.  We suspect this event is illegal in several different ways, but it'll be pretty cool.  You can find Art Emergency on Twitter @artemergencyLFK

be hip, very hip indeed.

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It's not technically called Film Church this Sunday when Liberty Hall hosts a screening of David Byrne's weird and delightful True Stories.  But we're gonna call it Film Church anyway, because we miss that event so, so much.  The FB event page is here.  Yes, it'll be over in time for Game of the Week.


And Black Joe Lewis is at the Bottleneck on Sunday night if you're not into the whole kickball scene.  We've seen 'em there before, and it's safe to say this will be a scorching show.  The Pedaljets are opening.  Check out the FB event page.

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