Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Interview: Talkin' Dirty With Joe and Rob From Harpoon Presents: Season 2 of Good Time Begins Thursday, Now At Replay!

As most of you know, the comedy scene centered around Harpoon Presents is going strong in LFK these days.  One of their best events, Good Time, begins its second season on Thursday, and the shows are moving from the elegant confines of the Eldridge to new (considerably less elegant) digs at the Replay. This will allow for a much-needed "taco break" in between the open mic and showcase portions of the evening.  It's gonna be good.   Check it out tomorrow and every Thursday from 6:00 to 9:00.  The FB event page is here.

Richard:  So I stopped by the "Good Time" events at the Eldridge on several occasions and I had a...good time. It had kind of a nice comedy club feel downstairs, with the shows starting (more or less) on time and the audience actually paying attention.  What was your opinion on the old location, and what do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of moving the event down to the Replay on Thursdays (besides the obvious advantage of Taco Zone)?

Rob Schulte: The Edridge Big Six Room was a great space physically, and has a great atmosphere. It helped us realize that we have the capability to put on a consistent quality show on a weekly basis. We will always appreciate the opportunity that was afforded to us there.

Joe Noh: Plus, the cheap martinis helped drown our sorrows. Also, the bathrooms down there are good for blow jobs. Most people are not aware of the existence of the Eldridge Big Six room, and extra effort had to be put into informing people and getting them down there.

Rob: Which plays into our excitement for the Replay, which everyone knows. Another great part is that the show is cheaper now [$3] and we can now involve the community by starting with an open mic followed by the showcase.

Joe: One of these days Brad Shanks will hopefully be able to take a break from Taco Zone and perform with us.

Chip:  Also, how in hell are you gonna get folks to show up to the Replay at 6:00 pm on a Thursday?  That's early as shit for scenesters and performers too.  Maybe you should offer free tacos to the first ten people in the door or something? 

Rob: Actually, we have already done a show at the Replay before at 6:00 and had a great turnout. It was called No Tacos…this was before Taco Zone existed. We're confident that people are ready to laugh again.

Richard:   The Eldridge event had an early and late-night component, but this is just a single three hour block.  Tell us a little bit about what to expect each week. 

Joe: Doors are at 6:00 which starts the sign up for open mic, the open mic starts by 6:30, runs for an hour, then we have a taco break and conclude with a showcase of 4 quality performers. It's from 6 to 9. Haha, 69. It is not only a Good Time, but a sexy time as well!

Chip:  What I like most are dick and boner jokes.  Those crack my shit up. Who do you think is the best LFK comedian when it comes to those categories?  Also, who is the filthiest in general?

Rob: Joe has the most dick jokes. You should hear the one about tittyfucking the three-boobed lady in Total Recall.

(Chip:  laughs for several minutes without even hearing the actual joke).

Joe: If we're talking strictly filth, Shadoe Barton takes the ass-waxing cake. You should hear her one about how many people she can fit in her vagina.

Richard:  Without giving too much away, what's your favorite bit that you do, and why?

Rob: I like talking about being a french EDM DJ named Robert Chowder

Joe: I like the one where I talk about boobs and then poops

Chip:   So many stand-up shows are just a bunch of dudes talking about their dicks, which is funny, don't get me wrong, but what's the state of female comedy in LFK right now?  Who are the best?

Rob and Joe: Hands down, the funniest female comedian in LFK is Shadoe Barton. She's funnier than both of us.

Joe: Men seem to be drawn to comedy performance after they get dumped. I don't know but maybe the ladies aren't getting dumped as much. If any ladies want to get into comedy, I will dump you.

Richard:  Leave our readers with a blurb that convinces them they absolutely must attend "Good Time" at the Replay every Thursday

Rob and Joe: People tend to have an idea of what live comedy is, but once you see a great performance, it's addicting. Live comedy engages an audience in a different manner than live music. The risk is high and the reward is even higher. Live music has always been a staple in Lawrence, and will alway continue to be. It's a no-brainer in this town and we are now making comedy a no-brainer option as well especially at a venue like the Replay.

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