Monday, June 23, 2014

Our Free State Fest and Lawrence Field Day Fest Coverage Begins, with a Very Special Message from La Guerre and a Nerd Nite Preview

Readers, with two festivals happening concurrently (not to mention Final Friday and other events) there's more going on this week than mortal (and lazy) bloggers can cover, so keep a close eye on the Free State Festival site and the Lawrence Field Day Festival site to make sure you don't miss out on cool shit you want to see.

We'll be showcasing a few choice events this week and also offering up a few "very special messages" from local bands and artists who want to promote their events (or "pimp" them, as Chip insists on saying).

Our only real complaint about the Lawrence Field Day Fest over the past couple of years is that it's been solely confined to the Bottleneck (a festival should have options!) so we're VERY pleased that this year has expanded beyond just the 'Neck to include Jackpot, Wonder Fair, and Love Garden.

Now here's Katlyn Conroy to tell you about her La Guerre set at Wonder Fair on Thursday.

Show: Thursday, June 26th at Wonderfair 6:30pm FREEEEE

"From the depths of her own poetic self-loathing, Katlyn Conroy's La Guerre emerges with catchy, melodramatic pop songs. Armed with a Nord and a belly full of red wine, let La Guerre take some deep seated emotional issues out on you, the audience. But, in a lovely, entertaining way."


It's a Monday.  It's late in the month.  You're probably not prepared. But Nerd Nite is TONIGHT!  So make sure to check out the nerds as they partner up with the Free State Festival for an evening called "Free Souls and The State of Film."  One of the presentations is from local funnyman Chance Dibben and deals with film codes and censorship.

Chip: "Oh, I hope he shows a bunch of naughty clips!"

Check out the FB event page for full info. See you tonight.

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