Thursday, June 26, 2014

Final Friday and Other Weekend Picks: Comedy, Art, A Double-Dose of BARRR, and Captiva

Apparently there's other stuff going on in LFK right now besides the Free State Festival and Lawrence Field Day Fest.  Who knew?

Here are a few other options.

It's time for more Thursday comedy at the Replay and one of tonight's headliners is Mr. Jason Barr.  We haven't seen Barr do comedy in awhile, but we assume his act reflects his recent "straight-edge" lifestyle.  Expect some inspirational advice about the power of exercise and prayer, and perhaps a few gentle barbs about the faults and foibles of Lawrence Friendly Kansas.

The FB event page is here.



Final Friday is almost upon us, and there is art to be seen if you can somehow make your way through the Free State Fest buskers and Tour of Lawrence bicycle racers (unlikely).

Our friend Karen has a cool show at  Phoenix Underground. It's a series of paintings inspired by watching people dance at the Taproom.

Chip:  "If I'm one of the dancers she painted, there is going to be A LOT of grinding in these works.  There should be a GIF video installation as well to better capture the movement."

The show also features Lora Jost's "Animals."

This is our TOP PICK for Final Friday.  Try hard to get there.

The FB event page is here.


And don't neglect the main upstairs Phoenix Gallery, since there's a cool show from Thieves Guild there in which artists display their life-drawing sketches, photos, etc from the monthly Fatso's events.  Last time we stopped by one of those Fatso's events there was a nearly-naked woman on stage with @DoppelGangsta lying on top of her in some sort of prom-themed pose, so you can expect to see some interesting stuff at this opening.  Check out the FB event page.  Here's a sneak preview.


Needing more BARRR after Thursday's comedy.  Find him out at SeedCo on Friday selling art out of his truck (parked at 826 Penn).

If you venture beyond Jason's truck and into SeedCo, you'll find more art and music from our friends in Carswell and Hope and others.  Details here[Update: apparently this event will be held outside SeedCo, since there's some kind of SeedCo SNAFU going on].


Wonder Fair has a show that's all about the YWA's this month!  That means "Young Woman Artists," in case you're not in the know.  Find some details at the Wonder Fair site.


And the Percolator's popular dime-bag show is back this Final Friday.  Good fucking luck getting to the Percolator right now.  And do not attempt to take a shortcut through the Compton hotel.  We tried. It just doesn't work.

Details here


The youngsters in KC's Captiva are getting some good buzz these days.  Find them at the Granada on Saturday for an all-ages show. Check out a fun little INK KC interview with Captiva's 17 year old Hank Weidel here.

Set times according to the band:

AY Musik performs around 8
Captiva performs at 850
Not A Planet performs at 1015

We love the flyer:


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