Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Worthy Event of the Week: Leo Posch Benefit Concert at Granada / Drunken Bash of the Summer: Sandbar's Birthday Party

The LFK music community is always good at rallying around its members who need a little assistance.  If you pay attention to the Lawrence pickin' and grinnin' community, you certainly know Leo Posch as a Midday Rambler and local luthier (a word we don't get to use that often!).  Leo was in a recent, very serious bicycle accident and the Granada is hosting a benefit concert this Friday headlined by Split Lip Rayfield (yep) and a whole slew of other local yokels including the Ramblers, MAW, Drakkar Sauna, and many more.  It's $10 and all proceeds go to helping Leo and family with medical bills.  Also, if you old folks can't find a babysitter for the evening,  head over here for full details and to donate directly via PayPal.

Leo showing one of his amazing handcrafted guitars earlier this year at Mass St.


Say what you will about the Sandbar (you snarky scenesters!) but they reliably hold one of the biggest bashes of the summer at their annual birthday street party.  This year's bash, coming up this Saturday, promises to the biggest (and weirdest) so far.  This time they've ditched the half-ass KC party bands and are bringing in none other than...The Fabulous Thunderbirds.  And if that's not "Tuff Enuff" for you (if you catch our reference), they're giving the first half of the evening to local favorites Cowboy Indian Bear, who kick things off at 6:00 pm aboard the giant pirate ship.  Tickets are $10 for the Sandbar's beer garden area or...you cheapskates can watch for free from the Tap Room patio or by peering jealously from the sidewalks while all the people in the beer garden get nicely toasted on Bahama Mama's and Sharknados.  Visit the FB event page here for all the info.

Here are the top 5 rumors we're spreading about Cowboy Indian Bear's set:

1)  CIB will take the stage in giant inflatable shark suits.

2)  CIB will play the entire set submerged in an aquarium and, during the encore, a bucket of Grenadine will be poured into the tank to simulate the Sandbar's beloved Shark Attack drink.

3)  CIB will play the entire set submerged in an aquarium and, during the encore, actual live sharks will be released into the tank, turning the evening into a truly epic farewell performance.

4) CIB will play a weird, sultry, funked-up take on "Tuff Enuff" and bring out the Thunderbirds to join them.

5)  After every song, Marty will shout "SHARKNADO" and the band will spin around, take a drink, and spew alcohol onto the beer garden crowd.

Gaze upon this old photo and remember when Mirth was located there. (photo via @JennHethcoat...get in touch for your photography needs!).


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