Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekend Picks: Get Lazy at Love Garden / A New Replay Records Release / Vaudeville-Rock at Jackpot

We've already spotlighted a few of the weekend's higher-profile events: the Leo Posch tribute tonight at the Granada and the Sandbar's street bash on Saturday.  Read about those events here.

But what else is happening?

Love Garden has a quadruple-bill for you tonight that's sure to destroy your hearing.  It's an album release for KC's Lazy, and the FB event page describes the album, Obsession, as "snapping and crackling with unhinged exuberance and getting better and better with every upward nudge of the volume dial."  So turn that shit up to 11 and enjoy! 

Also on the bill is the return of Wayne Pain and the Shit Stains.  We once provoked them years ago by saying we couldn't get through a single song of theirs on Myspace, and we stand by that assessment since we just tried again this morning...where they maintain that same Myspace presence and nothing else that we could locate.  Listen here if you dare to click a Myspace link these days.  We DO think "Daddy's Got a Dirty Book" is a great "song" title even though it's the song that especially makes us want to throw our computer out the window.

Chip: "I liked them better when they were called Wayne Pain and the Cum Draculas.  So, so filthy."

Rounding out the bill:  JOCKS (we keep meaning to see JOCKS) and Hissy Fit (we don't know who they are).



Scenesters must, of course, purchase all Replay Records releases, so head to the Replay late tonight for Red Kate's record release show.  Opening up is The Rackatees.  Remember when they puked all over the place at Lawrence Field Day Fest last month?  That was kind of gross.

Very cool flyer:


Do you like "vaudeville rock?"  And what IS "vaudeville rock?"  Find out at the Jackpot on Saturday as Randall Shreve and the Sideshow hit town.  They're from Arkansas.  The ticket price for the show enters you in a raffle for a free piercing.  It's probably going to be a weird night.  Give the band a "like" on Facebook over here.  The flyer misspells "sideshow."



And on Sunday, kickball will presumably return after last week's tragic cancellation due to incessant rain.

You'll probably be pretty hungover from the Sandbar party or the vaudeville rock show, so start your Sunday at Dempsey's by ordering a Bloody Mary with a fucking hamburger and a chicken wing attached to it.  Full story here via our friends at Off the Beaten Plate.

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