Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Readers, we've been participating in the live-Twitter reenactment of Quantrill's Raid since 6:00 am and we're wiped out and in need of relaxation and PBR.  So instead of reading our usual hijinks, go to the 1863Lawrence site and scroll through the collected #QR1863 tweets.  You'll find both horror and humor there. We send a big shout-out to the organizers for letting us be a small part of it.  Our character is @DrPrentiss1863 .

And you should also check out a nice little piece from the Washington Post about the Twitter-Raid over here. At one point this morning, #QR1863 was trending right alongside the usual trending topics about New Directioners.  So that's pretty damn good.

 One of the many paintings that depict Quantrill's 1863 brutal raid on Lawrence, Kan. (Photo courtesy of the Lawrence, Kansas Convention & Visitors Bureau)

1863 Commemorate Lawrence

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