Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Public Service Announcement from BARRR: ADD Hotline / Burlesque Pick of the Week: Frivolitease in KC

One of our favorite recent drunken activities in Larryville is calling BARRR's new ADD Hotline at (762) 233-6619, where anyone can leave a message and find themselves immortalized on a future podcast. Listen closely to last week's podcasts and you'll even hear Chip (normally shy about public speaking) calling in to promote a boner that he was especially proud of.

Here's BARRR himself to give you the full details:

"The last voicemail left [on the hotline] asserted that I might be the Mike Jones of Lawrence KS...I don't know what the fuck that means but that dude is good at creating hype so I'm down with that as long as substance follows! The messages are getting better and more often. I'm going to have to stop getting text messages whenever a new one comes down the pike. It's starting to wake me up at night now that word is spreading. If you think about it, this is just like the KU line the paper had where you could call the "free for all" and say anything. A person would then edit down or just censor what you said and post it in the paper. It was stupid but a hit. Funny and sometimes profound. That is exactly what I want from the A.D.D. hotline for the new BARRRHEAVEN.COM blog! The best part is....I'm not necessarily going to censor anyone and you actually get to hear your own voice in some form...maybe sampled or perhaps your whole thought. This is also a podcast for adults. No rules, you can say whatever you want and I'll pick the best stuff to put out. So, that's one side of the hotline. It also is going to function as an event hotline. I don't have time to call all the local business's and ask what they want me to hype. If they want to be on the podcast they have to call and I'll just post it with a little music thrown in. This has the possibility of becoming so amazing. I'm stoked. Hope you are too. This is a new way of interaction! This makes it easier to create new fun podcasts and keep it from EVER getting boring! What do you think? Call the hotline! (762) 233-6619

Richard: "I'm hoping that all of my comments are sampled along with some bleeps and blips from the Transmittens."


Burlesque remains popular in these parts, though perhaps no longer hip. But the Pitch sold us on this weekend's cleverly-titled "Frivolitease" burlesque show by Bazooka's Show Girls in KC at the 17th and Main Club. Make sure to visit the address below for a slideshow and titillating bits of description such as this: the girls "[create] a human centrifuge with just two strips of silk and a too-tight corset."

We're not sure what exactly is happening in this photo, but we're intrigued by it.

Chip: "I think he's inspecting them to make sure they're capable of creating a human centrifuge."

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