Sunday, March 13, 2011

The LC's Book Club Reads The Six-Volume Modernist Cuisine / Help Find This Scenester!

We first blogged about Nathan Myhrvold's massive six-volume, $625, Modernist Cuisine in a post from September of last year, but now that it's finally set to be released this week, we need to revisit the work, which many claim will become a revolutionary guide to the way we think about modern cooking (at least for those who can afford it).

Like everyone in Larryville, we love a gourmet burger, so we're especially excited about the work's recipe for the "ultimate cheeseburger":

"Prepping the lettuce and tomato requires a vacuum sealer. The cheese is restructured—heated with ingredients like carrageenan and cooled in a mold—for a gooier texture. And making the burger itself requires hand-grinding the beef and using half-cylinder molds to catch the strands and gently form the patties. Total time for the recipe: 30 hours, including time for the bun dough to rise, 2½ hours for preparation and 20 minutes for assembly."

Richard: "I can only assume that Bates and Krause down at the Burger Stand will live by this book. We may have to start placing burger orders 30 hours in advance."

Go here for a fascinating "interactive" look at the "ultimate cheeseburger," and make sure to order your copy of Modernist Cuisine today:

Here's a picture from Modernist Cuisine:


Readers, let's put our heads together and help out this fellow whose Craigslist Missed Connection post seeks a woman he spotted at Mass. Street Music:

"Ratty houndstooth coat and what might be the largest beehive I've seen outside of a John Waters movie. You went to Mass Street Music on a Saturday and played the electric guitars downstairs then went upstairs and played Kinks songs on the acoustic guitars upstairs. I wouldn't bother posting over a month later, if I was able to stop thinking about you."

Perhaps he's referring to the Spook Lights' Curvacia Vavoom?

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