Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekend Guide: Basketball, Music, Movies

First off, let us say that we enjoyed mingling with our fellow Tweeters (and even a few blog readers) at the Lawrence Tweet-Up last night. And we apologize for Chip's rudeness (he spent the evening communicating, like some hipster Darth Vader, through a PBR box with holes for eyes and mouth). Maintaining his secret identity is very important to him.

Now on to the weekend.

We're not sure if the Hawks won accidentally or on purpose yesterday but, either way, their journey through the unimportant Big 12 Tournament continues today. For a 6:00 tournament game, we usually try to be drunk by noon at the latest. See you downtown.

Tomorrow brings "Fake Patrick's Day" to the Replay, which serves as a benefit for the Social Service League and features bluegrass and biscuits and gravy.

Chip: "Sausage gravy?"

Richard: "No. I think they use Hamm's."

Another music highlight occurs late on Sunday. Make your way to the Tap Room, where our Twitter-buddies in Noise FM play a homecoming show (what hip new things have they learned while living in Chicago?). We hope the "Noise boys" are aware that the Tap just won the prestigious "Best Place to Dance" award in Best of Larryville: you better play a set that will let us shake our asses!

On the film front, there are several prime opportunities.

If you thought the hippest theological event in town was Plymouth's Theology on Tap (at the Tap Room), wait till you experience the "Sanctuary of the Cinema" film series of our Twitter-friend @Saint_Upid , who screens unusual choices at the First Baptist Church on Kasold Drive, followed by a post-film theological discussion. This Sunday's choice: David Lynch.

Chip: "Is it Mulholland Drive? Because those lesbian scenes give me a boner that may not be suitable for a house of worship."

Relax, Chip, it's Lynch's G-rated (but excellent) film The Straight Story.

Chip: "Oh, that's the one where the old man rides the lawnmower across the country, right? The lawnmower symbolizes God, does it not?"

Richard: "I think so. But make sure to ask that question during the discussion."

Showtime is Sunday at 6:30. Get the full press release at this address:

If you prefer multiplex fare, Battle: Los Angeles opens today. According to Ebert's half-star review, it's "noisy, violent, ugly and stupid."

Chip: "He had me at 'noisy.'"


Chad Thomas Johnston said...

But Chip, as a Christian I would like to assert that God invented "boners," as you call them. He created the middle finger as well, as Danielson founder and lead vocalist tells us in the song "Between the Lines of the Scout Signs." The sacred and profane are not mutually exclusive circles, my friend.

Which is why David Lynch will be our discussion piece on Sunday. Come and join us. We would love to have you there. :)

- Chad Thomas Johnston

beth said...

I might actually go see that LA movie this weekend. I'll let you know how terrible it is!

eraserhead said...

Chad, I'll tell Chip his boner is welcome!

Beth, I'll look forward to your bad review. I've avoided the multiplex entirely for months with the exception of Cedar Rapids. John C. Reilley's vulgarity can have my money any time!