Thursday, March 10, 2011

Style Scout and Local Hip-Hop

We love it when Style Scout is useful to us, profiling local bartenders or musicians that we are likely to encounter in the scenester circle.

Today's subject is Katlyn Conroy, newest member of Cowboy Indian Bear. Her favorite fashion trends are "hair brooches, knee-high socks, red lipstick, and lace."

Chip: "Women in knee-high socks give me a total boner. It's the only thing I like about kickball season."

She'd like to see more "harpists" in Larryville.

Chip: "That's where our views differ."

But let's turn from Katlyn to another member of Cowboy Indian Bear, Martinez Hillard, who is soon to release a "mini-concept" hip-hop album called Midas under the name Ebony Tusks on March 21. If they get 500 downloads in the first week of release, Ebony Tusks will re-release their much-in-demand single "Sioux Empire." Help them out, Larryville! Go to the address below (or direct link in the sidebar) for more info and to watch an invaluable short video that offers a glimpse into the Larryville hip-hop scene. It's so rare to see scenesters actually having fun!

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