Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Larryville's Missed Connections / The LC's Album Of the Week: Starfucker's Reptilians

After the debauchery of Fat Tuesday, today seems like a slow news day in Larryville, with many citizens still lost in idle, often delusional, speculation about what will replace Borders. It's NOT going to be a Trader Joe's. A real-estate agent quoted in the LJ-World assures us of this: “They like really big markets, or else they like markets with per capita income of about $80,000. I think hell will freeze over before Trader Joe’s comes in here.”

Let's take today and visit the Larryville Missed Connections on Craigslist for this moving tribute from a lovestruck young artist:

"It seems like just yesterday that I watched you from a safe distance. Your confidence blew me away. I'm a sucker for brunettes. As an aspiring artist, I tried to draw you once but you moved away from the window before I could finish, and before I could finish the drawing, too. I know you're graduating soon, but where are you moving after you graduate? I'm afraid I'll lose you forever. If you respond, please tell me the color of the bra I stole from your room is, so I know it's you."

Here's wishing you find true love, or perhaps get arrested for breaking-and-entering, whichever the young lady deems fitting!


So what are we listening to this week at the LC, you ask? Everything out of Portland remains hip (have you tried Free State's new Stumptown Stout, made with Portland's Stumptown coffee?), and Chip is currently enamored by the new Starfucker record, Reptilians, which receives a solid "A" from the AV Club, which calls the album:

"An exuberant, life-affirming synth-rock gem full of catchy keyboard squiggles and inspired by, interestingly enough, a meditation on death by leader Josh Hodges, Reptilians proves that really good bands can also have really stupid names."

Chip: "How is Starfucker a stupid name?"

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