Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's / Style Scout / SXSW

It's St. Patrick's Day, and we assume most of our readers are drunk by now, and we're on our way downtown to join you, so let's be brief.

First off, today's Style Scout is the best in a very long time. Thanks, (now put up some new party pics!).

Jensina Endresen decribes her style as "Karen O. meets the Grey Gardens estate sale." She's into "super high-waisted pants, sailor stripes, funky tights, fur, feathers, leather and lace" and does not care for "inappropriately short dresses."

Chip: "I was with her until that last bit."

Our vote: stylish! And her photo gives us a craving for Taiwanese dumpling soup. (Chip: "Is that some sort of innuendo?" Richard: "No, Chip. Click to enlarge and look at the sign behind her.").

Next up is our Twitter-friend Tyler Waugh (we had a link to his mixtape in the sidebar for a long time: did you download it, or didn't you?). He describes his style as "bright, eclectic and sometimes obnoxious." Does his flowery vest encapsulate all three of those styles? Tyler would like to see more "house shows and people dressing up to dance" in Larryville.

Chip: "When I dance, I like to be as close to naked as possible. More freedom of movement."


SXSW is underway and we're keeping close tabs on it through reviews and tweets. Today we offer this excerpt as an excellent representative example of what we imagine the festival mindset is like:

"Sometime between watching the English duo Mount Kimbie wash a room in deep pulses and heading out, I noticed one person — amid a sea of discarded folding-paper 3D glasses — holding a pair of actual plastic red-and-blue 3D Wayfarers. Two other people were discussing it: Where do you get those? Is that person working? Did you have to come early for those?" (

Chip: "The bands are right in front of you, scenesters. You do not need 3D glasses to see them."

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