Monday, March 21, 2011

Local Hip Hop Event of the Week: Ebony Tusks' Midas / The LC Book Club Reads Green's Dictionary of Slang

If you love local hip-hop, today's an important day: Ebony Tusk's Midas is now available! Go to the address(es) below for a free download (direct link in our sidebar) and prepare to shake your ass with Ebony Tusks at the Granada on March 30 ((alongside Das Racist, Stik Figa, Greg Enemy and the BEAR CLUB BOYZ).

Chip: "Do you think Das Racist will play that song about the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell?"

Maybe, Chip, but Pitchfork says they've moved on from that novelty tune into something much more sophisticated. Indeed, Pitchfork bestows a very-high 8.7 on Das Racist's 2010 release Shut Up, Man:

"...all of a sudden lowbrow humor gives way to subversive social commentary and a culturally literate wit that was too hilarious to immediately draw attention to how really fucking smart it was."

Chip: "Do you think anyone will ever say such a thing about our blog?"

Richard: "Doubtful, Chip. We're too fond of boner jokes."


If you're like us, you're still working and cooking your way through the six-volume Modernist Cuisine (Richard: "My next attempt at the '30 Hour Burger' should be ready by noon tomorrow!"). But now we must turn our attention to another massive and important project, the newly-released Green's Dictionary of Slang , which was 17 years in the making and being heralded as the "largest-slang dictionary ever published in English."

Here's an internet commentary on some of Green's entries regarding sex slang:

"One of my favorite euphemisms—“Ugandan discussion”—is included, as well as many variations on themes, such as “playing.” You can “play at” itch-buttocks, all fours, belly-to-belly, blindman’s bluff, bo-peep, fathers and mothers, and handie-dandie. You can also play “night baseball,” “the first game ever played,” or “Mr. Wobbly hides his helmet.” The most romantic term might be “bouncing refrigerators.” I’m going to add that to the hobbies list on my dating profile immediately."

Chip: "Obviously, this book is absolutely invaluable! As for me, I recently learned a new use of 'boner' from watching Katie Aselton's mumblecore film The Freebie. Lamenting the decline of his marital sex life, one of the leads of the film proclaims: 'You still give me major boners, only these days they are mainly snuggle-boners.' I get those too."

Richard: "Does Green's tome include the word 'bitch-cakes,' or doesn't it? Because I've tried for years and years to get it to catch on and I just can't do it. It's driving me absolutely bitch-cakes."

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just the tip said...

I look forward to seeing the definition of "tummy sticks" in print!