Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kansas Political Controversy of the Week / SXSW-Bound Scenester Picks of the Day

During yesterday's House Appropriations Committee Meeting, which involved a discussion of the state's handling of feral swine, Republican Representative Virgil Peck suggested (jokingly?) that the state's illegal immigrants might best be handled the same way: shooting them from helicopters.

Peck later explained that he "was just speaking like a southeast Kansas person." (LJ-World).

Chip: "Well, yes, that is how we speak. But it's also the reason we shouldn't be elected."


Perhaps, like us, you're not hip enough to be in South by Southwest this week. Luckily, the festival always insures that a few bands en route to or from Austin will stop by Larryville to entertain us.

Tonight brings Pitchfork-approved Ty Segall to the Jackpot. His 2010 album, Melted, earns a 7.5:

"Melted, his latest, boasts a 30-minute runtime that feels closer to 15. Segall gets in, gets out, and gets it done nearly every time."

Chip: "Is this an album review or a description of my lovemaking prowess?"

But what does Segall sound like?

"Ty Segall pens crackling classic-sounding rock'n'roll tunes about as lean and economical as they come, pushing his rangy shoutalong hooks so far forward there's rarely room for pesky little details like verses."

Richard: "As for me, I've always enjoyed the presence of 'verses' in music, so I'll probably opt for another SXSW-bound showcase over at the Granada: alt-country 'supergroup' Middle Brother. I'm not exactly sure that members of Deer Tick and Dawes necessarily constitute a 'supergroup,' as critics insist on terming them, but I predict a hootenanny nonetheless."

Chip: "Isn't the Deer Tick dude banging one of those darlins' from Those Darlins?"

Richard: "Don't be crude, Chip. They're engaged now. I read that he proposed by presenting her a 'toe ring' at a recent show in Brooklyn."

And, if you prefer your SXSW-bound bands to have local connections, don't forget that the presence of Dri and Extra Classic at the Tap Room tonight will tranform the venue from the award-winning "best place to dance" in Larryville to the best place to dance in the entire universe.

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