Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mustache Art! / Scenester Pick of the Day: White Mystery at Replay

Final Friday is on the horizon, but you'll want to get a head start on art this evening at Teller's at the opening for "March Mustache Madness," a "a group show of mustache themed/inspired/reverent art" (Lawrence.com). The event runs from 6:00 to 8:00.

Richard: "I'm glad that the subject is being approached reverently. Mustaches are such an easy target for facile hipster observation, but I suspect there's some complex cultural work to be done here and I look forward to seeing it."

Here's a picture from the Rathaus's coverage of the event. Read their full coverage of Final Friday art at the following address (or via direct link in our new "Important Local Resources" section in the sidebar):



The following sentence from Pitchfork immediately convinced us that we need to see White Mystery, the brother/sister duo of Miss Alex White and her younger brother Francis, who are slated to rock the Replay tonight:

"It's great fun to see the redheaded siblings headbanging like matching "Fraggle Rock" puppets in their ecstatic live show."

But perhaps you need more convincing than we did. If so, know that Pitchfork gives the album a perfectly respectable 7.2:

"Don't be dissuaded by other, more infamous "White"-themed guitar-and-drums duos: [Miss] Alex White still has swagger for miles as a guitarist and vocalist. To compare younger brother Francis to his counterpart from the aforementioned White Stripes, he's a more accomplished player but less present as a personality."

So, let's sum up. The guy in White Mystery is a better guitarist than Jack White and they look like Fraggle Rock muppets. See you there.

Photo from www.omahype.com:


Dr. C said...

If you make it to the show, lemme know if my mustachioed visage made it into the show.

Plus, is the show accompanied by other shows focusing on orgies, robes, lotions and weirdo lighting?

Yah, they're inferior... but have good drums said...

Having listened to the CD based on the simple presence of remote slander towards Jack White: this little shit couldn't even hold his guitar case.

Sorry, Pitchfork: as usual... you are wrong as wrong has ever been.


Dr. X, master of fuck you, hipsters!

it's an LC reunion! said...

Dr. C, no, sadly, there's not a series of "themed" 70's porno art shows (yet).

Dr. X, welcome back. We love when you drop by and tell Pitchfork to fuck themselves.