Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Arrives in Larryville / Also, Read Across America and Read Across Lawrence

Yesterday brought two of the surest signs yet that spring has sprung in Larryville: March Mustard Madness got underway at Free State Brewery and KVKL kickball registration began. Rumors flew on Twitter (as rumors do) that the boys would be fielding their own team this year, called the Larryville Life Boners, with a giant boner mascot and Chip's identity constantly protected by a PBR box with eyeholes cut out. Sadly, these rumors are (probably) not true. But make sure to register your own team at the KVKL website:


March 2 is Read Across America day, a national celebration of reading coupled with the birthday of Dr. Seuss. The boys are considering a series of "guerrilla readings" this evening, in which they infiltrate various venues and "go Seuss on everybody's ass" (Chip). Watch especially for our Free State performance, in which Richard reads "Green Eggs and Ham" while Chip dines on the titular dish, slathering it liberally with fancy mustards.


But let's turn away from rumors and possibilities and end with truths. The Larrvyille Chronicles (or, more specifically, our Twitter counterpart @larryvillelife ) is extremely pleased to join forces in April with the Lawrence Public Library and our Twitter-friend @bananasuit for one of the many events of Larryville's Read Across Lawrence program, which focuses this year on Harper Lee's perennial favorite To Kill a Mockingbird. We'll be heading up a Twitter book club that offers a hipster perspective on the work: what can Atticus and Boo and Scout still tell us about ourselves, as contemporary scenesters? Joining us as discussion leaders will be our friends from @nuthousepunks and @theraymondmunoz and possibly others. The event will have its own hashtag (still to be determined) so you can easily follow along and participate while drinking a PBR. Please read or re-read Mockingbird prior to April and join us. More details to come.

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