Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The KJHK Farmer's Ball Approaches: Tell Us Who's Hip? / Photo of the Week: PETA, Mass. Street, Condom Suit

Readers, the Farmer's Ball has slipped up on us. It's this weekend and we don't even know who's hip enough to deserve our support. Send us tips. As of now we're leaning toward thePhantom* because we like the strange punctuation and the asterisk. In fact, we've blogged about thePhantom*'s mermaid album cover in the past. And we're on board (get it!) with Captain Ahab and the Narwhals (so long as they've actually read Moby Dick and can hold their own in a conversation about the "doubloon" chapter with us after their set). And Strider seems cool because we sometimes tweet with that dude? What else should we know about this year's Farmer Ball?

Or perhaps we should spend the time to actually research all 8 acts over at the KJHK website and vote responsibly? Just kidding! We like to go in fresh, get hammered on PBR, and vote for whomever strikes our fancy at the time.


Our photo of the week is courtesy of the LJ-World. It's a PETA member in a "giant plush condom" suit parading down Mass. Street to try and convince people to spay and neuter their pets.

Chip: "Personally, I won't get my dog fixed, but I do insist that he wears a rubber whenever he mounts a bitch."

Read the full story and see a video at LJWorld .

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Dr. C said...

I guess they thought scissors would be too tasteless? So they went with this classy condom costume? Or perhaps they got it used, cheap, from the AIDS walk people? (I was actually considering a whole string of used condom jokes, but the mere thought is turning my stomach, so I'll just not touch it (which is what I normally do when I find a used condom.))