Saturday, October 8, 2011

St. Vincent Review / LJ-World Zombie Photo of the Week

Last night was our first St. Vincent experience and we were suitably impressed. Imagine if one of David Lynch's ethereal songstresses crawled out of the screen and decided she wanted to supplement her dreamy lyrics with occasional bouts of absolutely furious guitar-shredding. It was sort of like that. With blackouts between each song, the concert took on a theatrical aspect, as if each song were a new "act" (an act full of seizure-inducing lights and thick fog-machine fog).

Check out these lyrics from "Dilettante":

"You're like a party I heard through the wall
Invite me
But I'm always watching you through a keyhole
Let's not forget, let's not forget
Let's not forget, where we crawled from

Oh Elijah, don't make me wait
What is so pressing
You can't undress me anyway?"

Chip: "I imagined that she was saying 'Chip' instead of 'Elijah' throughout this song, and I was more than a little turned on."

Verdict: four out of four Free State Octoberfests, even though they were expensive as fucking gold ($4.25?!).

Check out I Heart Local Music over here for a photo gallery and video.


Kudos to the LJ-World for this Zombie Walk photo, which perfectly encapsulates the tension between the element of Larryville that wants to "keep it weird" and the element of Larryville that just wants to enjoy a pleasant evening in the park without having to put up with screaming teenagers dressed as zombies.

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Dr. C said...

Having been accosted by screaming zombie-teens in another college town (that shall remain nameless), I think your summary of the tension in that photo is very apt.

Plus, St. Vincent sounds way cool.

Harry Lupus howls again said...

We've had enough of these kids and their zombies. Next year we're starting the first annual Wolfman Walk (or maybe Wolfman Lope). Furry boners everywhere.