Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We Prepare for St. Vincent / Horror Pick of the Week: American Horror Story

St. Vincent sold out the Bottleneck the last time she stopped by Larryville, but our sources down at Liberty Hall say that Friday's show is selling slowly. Presumably all the true scenesters saw her the first time around and can't be bothered? According to Pitchfork, however, she's still hip as ever. Those astute critics give her new album, Strange Mercy, an impressive 9.0:

"The opening track on Annie Clark's third album as St. Vincent is also called "Chloe in the Afternoon", and while Clark has acknowledged the influence of Rohmer's film on the song, she takes the story to a darker, more dominatrix-y place."

French films and S&M? You have our attention, Pitchfork. Proceed.

"Clark's recent live Big Black covers saw her taking the pretty/ugly contrast to raw new levels: "I think I fucked your girlfriend once, maybe twice," she sang, fervently, on "Bad Penny", "I fucked all your friends' girlfriends-- now they hate you!"

Keep going.

"...anyone who's seen the Berklee dropout do her seizured duckwalk in concert while soloing on unhinged tracks like "Your Lips Are Red" knows her not-so-secret weapon is a lurching guitar style somewhere between Robert Fripp's sheet-metal prog and Tom Morello's 10-ton riffage."

"Seizured duckwalk," eh? Give us one more reason to buy a ticket, Pitchfork.

"The playful "Dilettante" combines the mutant funk of David Bowie's "Fashion" with the understated genius of D'Angelo's Voodoo, and has Clark possibly propositioning a prophet: "Oh, Elijah, don't make me wait/ What is so pressing that you can't undress me, anyway?"

Sold! See you at the show. How many boners do you predict that Chip will get during this performance?

Chip: "That's a trick question. It's more likely to be one long boner that lasts for the duration of the set."

Full review here .


Speaking of S&M (in the previous post), FX's new series American Horror Story premieres tonight and it's been getting a lot of attention for a sex scene between Friday Night Lights' Connie Britton and a man in a rubber suit (called Rubber Man).

Here's an image from the FX website.

And here's our favorite line from today's NY-Times review:

"Before the hourlong premiere is over, we’ve been made aware of at least eight ghosts...".

Ah, we were hoping for at least ten! But we'll still check it out for this Rubber Man business.

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