Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend Cultural Coverage: Basketball, Farmer's Ball, and Food

With Late Night in the Phog mere hours away and Larryville saturated with basketball buzz, it's almost possible to forget that a primetime football massacre is slated for tomorrow.

We assume that tonight's Late Night festivities will offer some devastating satirical sketches about the collapse of the Big 12 conference. Just kidding! We assume that it will involve Coach Self in a Vanilla Ice outfit. That shit never gets old!

But we'll skip Late Night in favor of the Farmer's Ball, where Captain Ahab and the Narwhals can earn our support if (and only if) they can intelligently discuss the significance of each of the ships that the Pequod meets on its voyage in Moby Dick. And they BETTER be dressed in full seafaring regalia, as in this photo:

At the Bottleneck tonight, one of the Grizzly Bear dudes is performing with his solo project CANT. Is Grizzly Bear still hip? We're not sure.

And at the Replay, the Mouthbreathers are headlining. They haven't played in six days, an eternity by their standards.

Foodies can attend both tonight's Homegrown Lawrence Festival at Abe and Jake's (which features a band called ThunderKat and a balloonist) and Haskell Indigenous Food Festival at Haskell tomorrow, which culminates in a community potluck of dishes containing indigenous ingredients (hopefully not contaminated fish from the Kaw).

And what else? You tell us, and we might even add you to the list.


farmers fall said...

if a popular and long-running event such as farmers ball isn't listed on the events calendar, does it not exist? or does being excluding from the calendar now exhibit a new level of hipsterdom?

a farmer's balls said...

The latter, we think!