Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy Larryville on Saturday! / Plus, Take Back the Night March vs. Zombie Walk

We inquired via Twitter this week as to when an Occupy Larryville movement would spread to Mass. Street (since we know that local progressives can't resist a chance to congregate with picket signs). Well, it turns out that a group called Occupy Lawrence is on top of things and asking people to gather at noon on Saturday in front of US Bank at 9th and Mass.

And of course no social movement can occur without a corresponding Facebook page, so go here to claim that you're attending, whether you are or not:

So far, six people are listed as attending.

Chip: "I've added those six names to my "suspected socialists" notebook."


And speaking of "occupations" on Mass. Street, tonight promises to be interesting, as the Take Back the Night March and the Zombie Walk are happening simultaneously.

Chip: "I've always dreamed of seeing a group of feminists chased by zombies. This promises to be the best zombie walk yet!"

Doubtful, Chip. The Zombie Walk of 2009 was a dark and stormy night (as we recall) and in those days the zombies were free to smash themselves up against the windows of bars to frighten boozing scenesters. Here's a classic shot we took from inside Harbour Lights:

Can anyone name those zombies?

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