Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Final Friday Coverage: Hospital Ships at Dusty Bookshelf / Missed Connection of the Week / And A Dog with Candy-Corn Colored Toenails

Final Fridays aren't all about art. There's music too, and tomorrow's events include a special acoustic performance from Hospital Ships at the Dusty Bookshelf. Get there early to choose the perfect dusty tome to peruse during the show in order to look like you're too hip to actually be there for the band but rather just happened to be hanging out reading something postmodern. We recommend William Giraldi's Busy Monsters, a very meta tale of true love and giant squids. It sounds like this:

"Facts about the giant squid make my lover damp--I encouraged her pre-bed reading--and we indulged in each other's bodies for nearly an hour. Twice I thought I would hyperventilate or else have cardiac arrest."

and this:

"...he's an atheist through and through. I hear he has a sculpture of Percy Shelley and Bertrand Russell doing a French kiss and ball-sack grab."


It's time for another Missed Connection from Larryville's Craigslist. We love how this one transitions so abruptly from the barely-literate to the downright poetic:

"U were wearing sexy tights. Damn u were hot, and the way u talked was so smart and dope. U said it was ur birthday. At some point, u changed into an old t-shirt. We traded delicious vegan food, had lude and ridiculous conversations. watched part of a crappy movie. I wanted to get with u so bad. My pillow smells like u. U made me feel alive. Big, burdensome things felt like air."

Chip: "The phrase 'delicious vegan food' makes me skeptical that any of this ever happened."


And thanks to the LJ-World for making our day with this photo of a dog with "candy-corn colored toenails" taken recently at Dogtoberfest.

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