Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Larryville Gets a Permanent "Occupation" / New Restaurant of the Week: Queen Lizzy's Fish and Chips

If you're like Chip, you enjoy lounging around South Park staring at pretty birds (he likes to describe women using British slang sometimes).

But this week your views have been obstructed by sights such as this:

Yes, a "permanent" encampment has been constructed (and approved by the City Fathers), raising such questions as (1) why couldn't they hire an "artsy" East Larryville type to design a nicer banner? and (2) will they really last longer than the first snowfall?

Let's check in with some conservative talkbackers at the LJ-World and find out how they feel about this "occupation":

equalaccessprivacy says: "Lawrence may be one place already way too occupied by scary ignorant yahoos..."

FalseHopeNoChange says: "Good news for the Occupation. The NAZI party, communist party, Barack Hussein Obama, Hugo Chavez and the Socialist party is supporting the Occupation. Along with the black anti-semites, the Occupation should last for a long while. You all are true Patriots."

and snap_pop_no_crackle says: "A SuperSoaker loaded with fox urine......".

Presumably that's his idea for chasing them away.

Chip: "Let's hear him out before making any judgments."


First Fuzzy's Tacos and now Queen Lizzy's Fish and Chips! Yes, Mass. Street has been gifted with two new dining destinations within the span of a week.

Queen Lizzy's apparently opened briefly today, sold out of food, was unable to get a delivery for the afternoon, and promptly closed (according to their Facebook page). But (presumably) they'll be open again tomorrow, serving up "battered bangers" and other British fare in addition to their namesake dish. Based on their Facebook Wall, plenty of Larryville diners have ideas about what the restaurant should serve, such as:

Bubble and squeak
Haggis suppers
Mushy peas

Sounds delicious?

Go here and "like" their Facebook page and go downtown and like them in person (assuming they re-open).

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