Monday, October 10, 2011

Weird Music and Art Pick of the Week: Close/Far Family Tour at Wonder Fair on Tuesday / Scenester Pick of the Day: Not in the Face at the Replay

We try to befriend as many Brooklyn artists and bands as possible on Twitter, because we feel like they hold the key to a secret realm of scenester knowledge that we are keen to possess. So when the Close/Far Family (a collective from Brooklyn, Chicago, Springfield, and St. Louis) asked us to help get the word out regarding their Tuesday performance at Wonder Fair, we were eager to help.

Readers, here is what you will witness: "...a single morphing set of music and sound art through a handmade multichannel sound system/installation/instrument—transmitted through wood, clay, wire, and twine."

Sold. But we're left with two pressing questions. (1) Will this work better with weed or 'shrooms? And (2) can Chip shake his ass to this morphing set?

Read more about the Close/Far Family tour here and watch a sneak preview of the instrument here and respond "attending" to the Facebook page here


Not In The Face has a funny name and Chip finds their album cover erotic. They are a duo from Austin. Go see them tonight at the Replay. But first watch this video of their song "Way to Go Baby" in which these two scruffy mustached scamps stop and smell the roses (literally) and playfully wrestle each other in the grass and get shirtless and prance around and drink out of a water hose together. Some of you will love us for posting this. And others of you will swear off this blog altogether because this shit you are about to see is damn near as precious as the Transmittens! Will you take a look ?

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