Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Scenester Picks: Spook Lights, Dry Bonnet, Long Shadows / Art and Fashion Photo Blog

Based on your tweets this morning, you all got 100% hammered last night. But we assume you'll sober up enough by tonight to re-don those costumes and head back to the Replay for Spook Lights, Dry Bonnet, and Long Shadows. But who is Long Shadows? It's the #new #band with @AdAstraJaspera, so it's #probably going to be #awesome (yeah, those hashtags are a Twitter inside joke).


There were numerous sights to behold on Mass. Street last night and here are a few of them.

We traversed a long, narrow, and strangely frightening "blanket fort" at Wonder Fair and finally rounded a corner to encounter...this guy. He served up a potent apple cider.

Along 8th Street we ran smack into the March 4 Marching Band, drumming up business for their Liberty Hall show with an old-fashioned promenade of funk. They were pretty terrific.

Then we saw a robot!

At the Replay's Fashion Monsters Fashion Show, the models were dead-sexy (Chip: "Get it? Because they were zombies and Frankensteins and shit!").

We learned that showing a lot of ass is very fashionable this year,

And then it was time for scenesters to join the models for a dance party.

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Scary Manilow said...

Dalin from Black Xmas is also in Long Shadows! If you miss this, you won't get to see my Cruella DeVille costume, and your life will be empty. EMPTY, I say!