Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Photo Blog: Hot Rod Hullabaloo / Spot That Mass. Street Occupier / And a St. Vincent Party Pic

Yesterday afternoon we donned our leather jackets, styled our pompadours, and pocketed our switchblades to join the greasers for the first annual Rev It Up Hot Rod Hullabaloo in downtown Larryville.

Our favorite car: the Drag Stripper (which gave Chip a boner):

We also enjoyed the car with the skull under its hood:

While we were scoping out cars, Larryville's progressive-minded rabble-rousers were Occupying Mass. Street. Name those progressives in this LJ-World photo and win a free beer after the next protest of your choice! Check out that Gray Panthers shirt. Are they like an old, white, boring version of the Black Panthers?

And for the first time since Kanrocksas, Lcom deemed an event hip enough to publish a set of Party Pics. That event: St. Vincent. Check out this little PBR party. Are these folks hip enough to be drinking PBR?


The Unknown Hipster said...

Sugardick: Did you read (or post) the comment on the party pics about the klan-twee-hipsters?

sugar said...

Read but did not post. I assumed it was your post!