Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Scenester Picks: Pierced Arrows vs. Chip the Ripper / Literary Pick of the Week: The Marriage Plot

There seems to be more on the docket than usual for a Sunday in Larryville.

The Jackpot follows up the Farmer's Ball (we still can't figure out who won?) with an impressive bill that looks like a mini-Garagefest. There's Pierced Arrows (former members of Dead Moon), Don't (former members of Wipers), and local heroes The Spook Lights, Baby Boomers, and Up the Academy. One's ears will likely never recover: an interweb review describes a Pierced Arrows gig as a "performance that pushed the boundaries of volume humanly possible to withstand."

We'll remain across the street at the Replay where it's nice and quiet and MAW will play us some songs about mules and The KC Bear Fighters will be up to their usual hijinks, which look like this .

And there's also Oktoberfest at the Pig tonight.

And Chip the Ripper is at the Granada.

Chip: "He's no relation to me, but I'm certainly a fan. My favorite song is 'That Spot' and these are my favorite lines of that song: Panties and bra is what I want to see you in / Then we can just minus the panties and bra / Massage your thighs and just add this cannon with balls. I think the cannon is a metaphor for his dingus."


Sure, Oprah's endorsements of their work sort of took the scenester appeal out of writers like Jonathan Franzen and Jeffrey Eugenides, but that doesn't mean we won't be picking up Eugenides long-awaited (9 years) third-novel The Marriage Plot. The NY-Times review has appeared, and it's largely positive:

"the novel is also great on the patter and pretentiousness of college intellectuals (“The bookshelves held the usual Kafka, the obligatory Borges, the point-scoring Musil”); on the sweet banter of courtship;... and especially on what happens after you graduate, when the whole scaffolding of classes and the college social scene you’ve been training your personality around is suddenly taken away, and you have to grope for a new way to be in the world." can just hang around at the Pig and Replay long after grad school and maybe start your own book club

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