Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vegetarian Concept Album of the Week: One Pig / Adorable Event of the Day

Have you been looking for the perfect background music for an evening of sitting around with your progressive friends talking about your favorite causes? Well, we may have found it. It's called One Pig, and it's by the British electronic artist Matthew Herbert:

"It tracks a single swine’s life from its birth on a farm to its slaughter 25 weeks later, using sounds from the pig’s environment...After capturing the pig’s growth to maturity, oink by oink, he transformed those recordings into a dark kind of dance music punctuated by telling sounds: the moo of a nearby cow, frantic squealing, an idling truck. Each track on the album is named after a month in the pig’s journey, culminating in a banquet full of chomping and lip smacking."

Read the full NY-Times piece here

And stream the full album here (but we warned, scenesters, that there's also a link on that page to the new Coldplay album):

Chip: "This album makes me hungry. For pig."

We suspect that 715 Restaurant will play One Pig ironically during their next "Butchery Dinner."


Readers, do you like cute babies and/or bands that like cute babies. If so, swing by Love Garden around 5:00 this evening to watch the band Rubblebucket doing a photo shoot with our Twitter-buddy Saint_Upid and his new baby. It seems that Saint_Upid wrote the band a tweet about how their song "Came Out of a Lady" was the first song he played to his baby in utero. The band was so excited they got in touch prior to their visit to Lawrence and set up a meeting. It all promises to be about the cutest damn thing you've seen since a Transmittens video.

The video for the song looks like this and the band looks like this (and check them out tonight at the Bottleneck):

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