Monday, October 17, 2011

Local Zombie Picks / We Consider KU Football's New Strategies

Readers, don't think that Larryville has moved on from its zombie-fixation after the Zombie Walk. The pre-Halloween weeks will bring two more prime opportunities to celebrate your love of the undead.

Tuesday Oct. 25 at the Bottleneck, the always-amusing Horror Remix offers up a night of flesheating (including a film called Flesheater).

And for the truly hardcore, Liberty Hall (this Friday at 10:00) will present Lucio Fulci's Zombie "like you've never seen or heard it before."

So take a break from watching AMC's Walking Dead and reading Colson Whitehead's Zone One and join the fun, because we're starting to think the zombie trend is never-ending.


When one looks at the scoreboard after KU football games, it's easy to speculate that some of Gill's strategies (no cursing, no tweeting, no sex after 10:00) aren't exactly paying off.

Chip: "If you're going to force the kids to lose, at least let them screw."

But we're fully behind Gill's new technique of using image boards of Big Bird and rappers and other assorted images instead of the usual hand signals. It's easily the best idea since the Snickers reward system.

Let's see if the talkbackers agree:

"Maybe Gill has finally figured out what is wrong with this team...could it be that they understand pictures better than words."

"At first I thought it was billboards advertising "throwed rolls" and "One kansas farmer feeds four NFL football teams" in an effort to entice Mangino back."

We hope that at least one image for the impending K-State game is of "EcoKat," as a signal to rip their fucking heads off (in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible, of course.).



Scary Manilow said...

I'm pretty sure the Liberty Hall ZOMBIE screening is at midnight.

Scary Manilow said...

Never mind, I'm wrong. WTF? NEVERENDING FUCKING STORY gets a midnight screening and this doesn't? Larry is FUQUED.

Fulci for the whole family said...

Yeah, midnight would probably make more sense. But hopefully this will allow the children to go!!