Monday, October 31, 2011

Hanging with the Hep Cats at Herbie Hancock / Mass. Street Marriage Proposal / And a "Delicious" Halloween Photo

Readers, we don't "get" jazz, but we weren't about to let the elderly West Side rich folks and a few young hep cats spend an evening watching Herbie Hancock without us. So we trekked out to the Lied Center last night for his solo show. Yep. Just Herbie at his piano...and also manning a wide array of equipment to produce a multitude of sounds supplementing his keys. Did it work? Mostly. At first we were afraid that the evening was going to be akin to Beethoven choosing Transmittens as a backing band, and at times the dissonance between beautiful live piano and computerized accompaniment WAS a little jarring. But by the third piece of the evening, things were clicking, and the audience was ready to get funky with "Cantaloupe Island," which culminated in Herbie bringing out the keytar! Earlier in the evening, after opening with a lengthy (and unaccompanied by sampling) reading of Wayne Shorter's "Footprints," the maestro explained that he likes to get "in the zone" when performing and that thirty minutes might well pass without him noticing. He encouraged the audience to make throat-slitting gestures if he went on too long. Sure, Chip made a few of those gestures during 'Dolphin Dance.' ("Those dolphins danced for a hell of a long time."), but for the rest of us the evening with Herbie was all too short, and the keytar encore left us wanting more, as the best shows should.

Final verdict: a nice (expensive) evening with a national treasure.

Head over to the Pitch for a review from @nuthousepunks with some cool photos from the foot of the stage.


Did any of you witness the Mass. Street marriage proposal sign on Saturday?

We missed it, but luckily the UDK offered up this photo. The only way this could possibly be more romantic is if it had occurred in front of the Replay.

Well, it's Halloween, which means you're probably on Day 5 (at least) of drunken, costumed revelry. And it can't be Halloween without some Hall and Oates covers from Haulin' Oats, so hauling ass to the Replay tonight goes without saying. In the meantime, enjoy this Ink KC cover photo of Miss Kansas USA lounging in a field of candy corn with some candy corns on her belly. Chip has pronounced this photo the "most delicious" of the week.

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