Sunday, October 23, 2011

Occupy Larryville Update / Nine Minute EP of the Week: Trash Talk

It's a slow day in Larryville and there's not much to do except Occupy Lawrence, which is still going strong in South Park, though Johnny Law finally saw fit to roll through about 1:30 am one evening (out of the public eye) and issue a few citations to the protesters, who are expected to appear in court in mid-November.

Chip: "I'm not sure I'd trust them to take a break in their Occupation to show up in court."

According to the Occupy Lawrence Facebook page, the group's biggest concern is not any sort of police brutality, but rather attacks from the good citizens of Larryville: "We had no interaction at the camp with police [on Saturday]. We did have multiple members physically assaulted by Lawrence residents - We have video and have filed complaints with the police department for these events."

Our best guess is that these attacks were from "bros" on their way home from Brother's. Or perhaps from K-State fans too drunk to make it back home to Manhattan after the game yesterday. But does anyone have actual details? And did anyone attend the Occupy Lawrence "pumpkin carving" that was scheduled for Saturday at 3:00. We'd fucking love it if someone could send us a picture of a pumpkin with protest messages carved into it!

Photo from LJ-World:


Local scenesters love the ultra-short songs of Rooftop Vigilantes, but we came across a Pitchfork rave this week for a band called Trash Talk that might give the Vigilantes a run for the money in the brevity department. Pitchfork gives Trash Talk's new EP an 8.2:

"The group's 10-song, 17-minute 2010 third album, Eyes & Nines, was good; their new, five-song, nine-minute Awake EP is great."

What Trash Talk lacks in melody they more than make up for in furious anger:

"From the thorny inverted peace symbol on the cover, the disenfranchised lyrical sentiment (see the the smash-shit-up "Awake" video), Trash Talk continue to dig into the sort of anger that inspired the recent Occupy Wall Street protests. Though it taps into feelings that have always been there, it feels especially important and of this moment" (Pitchfork).

If Occupy Lawerence sticks around, we're giving the camp this EP as a holiday gift!

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