Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bastille Day / Naked Soccer Players/ Hello Biplane and The Hips / Controversial KC Album Cover of the Week: thePhantom* 's Fountain of Youth

Happy Bastille Day, readers! If you are Francophiles, like us, you'll be headed down to the Pig's annual Bastille Day celebration. They are slated to tap a firkin of Tallgrass Ale at 5:00. What does a beer brewed in Manhattan, KS have to do with Bastille Day? Who knows? But we love a nice firkin-tapping.

Chip also plans to celebrate all things French by rubbing one out to this nude photo of the French women's soccer team (the photo appeared earlier this week as a way of drumming up interest for the team).

Sorry, Frenchies. The US ladies still beat you! And perhaps we'll celebrate their victory by reacquainting ourselves with the legendary '99 Sports Illustrated shot of Brandi Chastain:

Chip: "Nudity is indeed the only real way to get me interested in female sporting competitions."


If you'd prefer to stick to more traditional scenester celebrations, head to the Tap Room to watch Hello Biplane and The Hips. The latter, especially, is gaining a reputation as Larryville's sexiest band, and the press from plays this up:

"A night for lovers and future lovers. Two super-groups take to the floor and we take over the taproom with the help of very special bartenders and a surprise (and famous) musical guest. No one goes home alone when there's a song in their hearts."

Can anyone tell us who the surprise (and famous) musical guest is? Zach Campbell?


We love artists with oddly punctuated names, so we were immediately drawn to this week's Pitchweekly story about thePhantom* , whose new album Fountain of Youth features a cover of a mermaid with an Afro being stared down by a conquistador (cover art by KC rapper Lucid):

"Some have complained that it's degrading to women. Some have said that it looks like a man discovering "prey," mistaking the light shining off the mermaid as a net"

Personally, we feel that it's an inspiring multicultural take on the mermaid legend and we find that Afro'd mermaid quite erotic. Listen to and download the album here .


LuckyNun said...

I appreciate this album cover, as I once did a blog post devoted to mermaids, in which I was forced to coin the term "mer-snatch", because it hadn't been invented yet.

mer-man said...

Nice. Can't believe there's not a band called mer-snatch. At least not yet.

LuckyNun said...

Oh, there will be. It will feature four natural redheads with waist-length, wavy hair, playing a variety of sea shanties and murder ballads, featuring a concertina and a stand-up bass. Rumors will spread about their sexuality and relationship entanglements, and Pitchfork will give the debut album a 5.8, with points taken away for the derivative and inauthentic nature of the lyrics and the fact that they're based in a land-locked state.