Monday, October 24, 2011

National Food Day / Wonder Fair Gets Adorable For Final Fridays / Courtneybelle and Hammerlord

Well, it's National Food Day, and if you're a local progressive we assume you'll head to The Raven tonight for "a reading from a new booklet of interviews with small-scale, sustainable women farmers." The booklet is called "Girls Got Guts," and the event will offer local food samples such as fresh sheep cheese from Green Dirt Farm, garlic conserve from Maggie's Farm, and Hippie Chow brand granola, which we hear is the official granola of the Occupy Lawrence movement. Be there at 7:00.


The next edition of Final Friday is just around the bend and Wonder Fair is offering something so adorable that our heads are already spinning with twee little dreams. It's called "Hibernation," an installation which will transform the space into "a cozy cabin, complete with custom-designed screen-printed armchairs, hand-printed brick fireplace, snuggly screen-printed firewood, and a charming menagerie of winter-ready stuffed animals... visitors are invited to crawl through an extensive blanket fort to reach the Wonder Bar, a pop-up cantina stocked with hot mixed drinks, cocoa, and gingerbread" (from FB event page).

They had us at stuffed animals and blew our minds at "blanket fort." We may just remain there all month (so long as the Wonder Bar is also well-stocked with PBR...we like to dip our gingerbread in it).


Courtneybelle braved the metal mayhem at the Replay on Friday to rock with Hammerlord and Troglodyte. Here's what she witnessed, with a few "Chipnotes" in bold:

"Those of us hanging out at Replay on Friday night to see @BillyGayCyrus give the unwashed masses on the patio boogie fever, were maybe hesitant to know what madness would soon break forth in the front room. Especially after “the man” came to shake you down for the cover. But don’t, like Richard, be afraid. Hammerlord and Troglodyte are amazing and athletic musicians. Both bands have very devoted followers. I can’t tell you the difference between Death Metal and Thrash Metal, but I know an audience in love when I see it. [Chip: "Death metal is the one where they sacrifice a goat onstage."] You might recognize Hammerlord’s lead vocalist Stevie Cruz (a.k.a DJ Cruz) from the Replay patio and sundry other projects. And you’ll definitely recognize Troglodyte since they perform in full cinema-grade facemasks. That is quite a feat, if you consider the amount of energy these guys put out under the hellish heat of stage lights. And if you really want a show, check them next year at the annual “Hammerween”. [Chip: "This is one of my many nicknames for my boner."] You missed it Saturday, but I promise you the BEST people watching and costumes in Kansas City (and of course many hardcore metal thrashings). If metal isn’t your bag, take a chance this Sunday the 30th when Fiend Club, Hammerlord’s Misfits tribute band will be at Replay."

Here's what we missed (click to enlarge and realize that, holy shit, it's a severed woman!):

And here's what is on the way this Friday in KC and Sunday in Larryville:

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