Thursday, October 20, 2011

Larryville's "Permanent" Occupation Gets an Eviction Notice / KU Quidditch Is #1 IN THE WORLD!

Shortly after being told they could "permanently" Occupy South Park, the protesters were informed by the City Fathers that "permanently" did not cover the hours when the park was closed, and that they needed to be out by tonight. The only thing for the protesters to do, at that point, was hold a three-hour meeting to determine who was bold enough to remain and risk "citation" (arrests are reputed to be unlikely):

"After a meeting of more than three hours — which featured protesters huddled in a circle around donated propane heaters, speechmakers standing on a stump, and a voting system that involves several types of hand signals — many members said the Occupy Lawrence movement needed to move into a new phase of civil disobedience." (LJ-World).

Chip: "When I walked by last night and heard them singing Kum Ba Yah, I wanted to show them a particular kind of hand signal, if you catch my meaning."

Best sentence of the LJ-World piece: "Several [protesters] were writing in magic marker on their forearms the telephone number of an attorney who previously had told the crowd that he would represent any protesters who were arrested."

We look forward to seeing what happens! And we continue to support Occupy Lawrence 100% (from the cozy confines of our homes, of course).

Photo from the UDK:


Sure, the Big 12 continues to disintegrate, the football team just plain stinks, and even the basketball squad looks a little bumpy this year. But did you know that KU is #1 in THE WORLD in a game that's meant to be fictional. It's true, we're simply the fucking best at Quidditch, according to this UDK article .

We're not sure when or where you can see a KU Quidditch match, but you should probably hop on your broomstick and seek one out.

Go here for a terrific photo gallery from the recent KU/MU Border War:

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Dr. C said...

I can't believe they get away with this. The last time I ran around the park holding my broomstick, a cop told me to put it back in my pants or he'd have to write me a ticket