Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dio de los Muertos Celebration at Percolator / Unhip Album of the Century: Lou Reed and Metallica's Lulu

Readers, Halloween may be over, but if you're looking for an unusual event tonight look no further than the Percolator. Here are the details we received:

A Day of the Dead celebration at the Lawrence Percolator
Tuesday November 1, 2011
6:30 pm Potluck dinner
7:30 pm Procession & invocation
Bring something to add to the altar.

The last time we joined a Percolator procession was during an "Apocalypse" art opening and party, and the procession led us to a building on the Eastside where we were forced to watch a terrible play. So we're a little leery of Percolator processions. Otherwise, this sounds more than a little intriguing.


If you've read any recent interviews with Lou Reed or Metallica, you've been told that their collaborative album Lulu is likely the greatest thing either has ever done and, in fact, quite possibly the greatest thing ever recorded by humans.

But if you've read the reviews of the album (out today), you're hearing a far different tale.

Pitchfork serves up a 1.0 (holy shit!): "For most of the record, Lou Reed and Metallica barely sound like they're on the same planet, let alone in the same room."

Even better is Entertainment Weekly's assessment (Grade: D): "...the bulk of Lulu sounds like your dad's drunk friend reciting his self-penned erotica over a melting ReLoad cassette."

And then there's Chuck Klosterman's more accepting evaluation: "A confident, unvarnished attempt at taking arcane high art (Lulu is based on theatrical German expressionism from the early 20th century) and repackaging it for denim-clad teenagers huffing gas in Arizona parking lots."

Readers, could a 90 minute concept album about strippers and Jack the Ripper, with lyrics like “the taste of your vulva and everything on it," really be ALL bad? Or is it only a matter of time until scenesters decide to embrace Lulu because the media surely has it all wrong? Let's huff some gas and form an opinion.

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