Friday, June 18, 2010

Local Bar Controversy of the Week / Hipster Pick of the Day: The Belles At Love Garden

One of the most discussed articles at the LJ-World website this week concerns local mother Carrie Wallace, who enjoys hanging out at the Bourgeois Pig with her 11-month old son Dmitri, sometimes for coffee during the day, occasionally after 11:00 at night for a nice cocktail. Sometimes she breastfeeds Dmitri while there.

Recently, however, manager Frank Dorsey approached her with "concerns": "“It’s a busy bar,” he said. “And after 10 o’clock or so, the majority of our business is in alcohol. It can get a little rowdy and people have expressed concerns that it was not a good environment to have a child in." (LJ-World).

Wallace feels betrayed that her favorite spot, where she met her husband, has turned against her: "“My opinion of The Pig was that it was a bohemian sort of place that was really accepting and very inclusive." (LJ-World).

The talkback consists primarily of righteous indignation that this hussy would dare to bring her child out past 11:00 p.m alongside a few helpful breastfeeding tips: "Dark beers stimulate lactation," says Monkey_C).

Where do the boys stand on this important story?

Richard: "First off, why would anyone choose the Pig when the Replay is just a block away and fully accomodating of all manner of irresponsible behaviors?"

Chip: "Of all the reasons to expose one's breasts in public, breastfeeding is the most boring."


If you're in a hipster band, you occasionally tire of late-night shows where your "fans" are so loud and drunk that whatever you play is more-or-less beside the point and you begin to desire doing the occasional, earlier show in an environment more conducive to listening, even if said environment is a stifling record shop with poor acoustics. And if you're a hipster, you occasionally desire to see such a show.

It's been five years since the Belles released their last album (Misery Loves Industry). Their new one, Time Flies When You're Losing Your Mind, is getting good press from the likes of PopWreckoning.

See you tonight at the (new) Love Garden.

Richard: Will I EVER stop missing the old Love Garden?"

And if you miss this gig, don't panic. The Belles will play again on July 22 at 6:30 a.m at the Apple Store in KC (seriously).


Tommy Dorsey said...

If Carrie is the bar wench that I've seen at the Pig, her patronage and her breasts are indeed un-fucking-welcome.

Since I don't have to look at her said...

I think it's fine to bring your baby to the bar. At that age, they will be awake or asleep according to the whims of their body, so the atmosphere isn't likely to be a problem for the baby. And soon it'll be weened, so that won't be an issue anymore, either.

vaguely concerned said...

But is it okay for a baby to be exposed to the kinds of pompous conversations that occur there? (will these subconsciously seep in and doom the baby to a life of hipsterhood?).

Golden Girl said...

Pompous conversations? This is fucking Kansas! Your fucking concern is indeed vague. The real issue is the inane idea that you can be a parent AND still "hang" with the cool kids as if you're still fucking relevant. But not to fret the parents, there's still Applebees...fucking family fun.