Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Visit to Style Scout / The LC Gets Reviewed! / Top Ten Sexy Works of Southern Literature

Style Scout has spent the last few weeks Scouting old people (are they EVER stylish?), and we have been ignoring those profiles. Today, however, the Scout has returned to doing what it does best: profiling local hipster 20-somethings who say silly things.

Meet Sammy Be, a "liberal artist" whose fashion influences are "Japanese fashion label Comme des Garcons and musician Bj√∂rk." Sammy is a fan of "Timeless trends — trends that transcend being trendy" and he doesn't care for "Trends that don’t celebrate positive body image."

Readers, does he "transcend being trendy?" (click to enlarge).


President Belt, over at Sundays in the Park, has now gifted the LC with not only a link to our work but a full review of our shenanigans. Thanks, Deron! (I may just buy you an extra beer if you ever stick around longer than 5 minutes somewhere). Here is the review in full:

"Want to read more about the Lawrence hipster scene? Check out this insider/outsider blog that snarks on all things hipster. Richard and his band of blog-literati enjoy hitting the bars, beers, and scenester events. Occasionally he’ll take pokes at our beloved kickball league. I’ve enjoyed reading his takes on the KVKL culture as his adroit riffs fit right in with our own aptitude for smack talk. Please visit his site and let him know what you think."

Richard: " 'Adroit' is probably the kindest thing anyone has ever said about our (my) work!"

It's worth noting, however, that not a single person has responded to Deron's post about the LC, while a whopping 14 people responded to the tiny prior post about Slow Ride's incredible victory over Jazzhaus and the "epic extra-inning thriller" between Replay and BrewBallers. This only adds to our belief that kickballers care for nothing but kickball, which makes us sad, a little sad. There's a whole world of hipster culture out there just waiting to be explored, folks!

Visit Sundays in the Park here:


The Oxford American, published out of Richard's old alma mater UCA, is probably the boys' third favorite magazine (after the New Yorker and Juggs). And their current "Best of the South" issue (an annual treat) offers a piece that might interest some of our readers who enjoy sexy literature of a less-filthy caliber than the Joyce letters we showcased yesterday.

"Beth Ann Fennelly's Ode to Ten Sexy Books" offers excerpts from ten steamy southern books (some of them poems and plays, actually, Beth Ann!) that are sure to give you a "cockstand," as Joyce might say (Chip: "Or to keep you moist, if we want to continue with the Southern humidity references and include our horny female readership as well.").

It's truly a fine list, ranging from the romantic ("Somebody…somebody ought to—kiss you, Laura," from Williams' Glass Menagerie) to the decidedly less-romantic but always-hilarious late-great Barry Hannah (“I want to sleep in her uterus with my foot hanging out.”).

Richard: "I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Hannah when he spoke to a creative-writing class at UCA. He offended most of the women in the class within the first five minutes."

But our favorite is perhaps Kevin Young's "Ode to My Sex," a touching tribute to his penis:

"Like France,
it leans left.

Like that Tower
in Italy, its shadow
covers the city…"

Read Beth Ann's choices here:

And stay tuned in coming days, as we also plan to cover other material from the "Best of the South" issue, such as a strange piece of art criticism called "Ode to a (Phallocentric) Painter."

Chip: "Southerners sure do think about their dicks a lot, don't they?"


I'm the sensitive one. said...

Hmm, so now I hafta put up with some Hamms-drinking-shits wondering who and or what the fuck my problem is... while never asking why my character is the LEAST portrayed on this fucking thing!

Yah, well fuck you too, shitty! I am the voice of fuck and I will fucking use it on you, your grandma and her fucking cat. And no that's not a metaphor you hippy shits. I wish fuck that cat!

Kip will fuck the dog -- because that's how we fucking roll! Welcome. Say some funny shit or fuck.

--But if you fuck: take a picture and put it on this fucking hipster [dot] com. Bitches!

joyce buggers barnacle! said...

"blog-literati"?!?! I will never forgive this "Deron" character for such an insult. To paraphrase Dr. X: Fuck you, fuck!

I wish fuck that cat! said...

Come on, folks. That's the best review the LC will ever get. Most critics just call us perverts!

Fuck You Fuck! said...

I thought we were perverts?

--That was part of our general charm?!

perverts in disguise said...

But we are perverts masquerading as culture critics! (just like all those academics in the American Studies Dept!).

Chester said...

You said it, perv.

Kickball is for pussies. It's official, bitches!

A nonhipster kickball player said...

"This only adds to our belief that kickballers care for nothing but kickball, which makes us sad, a little sad. There's a whole world of hipster culture out there just waiting to be explored, folks!"

You do realize 87% of kickballers are some form of hipster, right?