Saturday, June 12, 2010

The LC Welcomes (Possible) New Readers! / KU Sports Photo of the Week

Richard was quietly drinking at the Replay yesterday evening when the President of East Lawrence briefly popped in (he was "conducting business," which was no doubt kickball-related). Before popping back out, he paused long enough to inform a delighted Richard that he'd linked the LC to his very-popular kickball blog, Sundays in the Park:

So we extend a warm welcome to any and all kickball players who may wander through via Deron's blog. Please know that, although we do often "name names" in our kickball coverage, it's rarely personal (since we find most kickball players to be interchangeably ridiculous).

Chip: "I prefer watching local kickball to watching the World Cup. But I prefer watching Scary Larry Bike Polo to watching local kickball."

Chris's new post on Deron's blog highlights an enjoyable Week 3 match-up for tomorrow night: AsteroidHead vs. Rangelife Records ("Rangelife will attempt to defend its title as league’s best hecklers and hipsters against a few of its former teammates who spawned to form Astroidhead.").

Richard: "I predict AsteroidHead will postpone the game in order to watch the Season 3 finale of Breaking Bad, and who can blame them?"


A lot of people have no doubt been worrying about how Coach S.lf is holding up this week as KU athletics crumbles around him? The answer: just fine.

S.lf spent last night with his coaches "boogeying to the Bee-Gees’ “Staying Alive” in a choreographed dance" (LJ-World) at an event in KC's Sprint Center called the "Bill S.lf Basketball Boogie."

Look at him. He doesn't look worried at all.

Chip: "I predict he'll 'boogie' his way right out of KU in a year or so, when our biggest rivalry of the season is against the Pitt State Gorillas...and the Gorillas win."


We can't be hip if people read! said...

Holy Shit!

New readers?!? How will this fuck for our major creative plans? Will this mean Harry Lupus shall return? Can we say the Big... uh, what are we down to 5 or so?

Will creative use of titty remain?

Holy shit!

Mountain West! said...

We can still be creative, but we'll just have about six extra readers who enjoy occasional stories about werewolf kickball!

Anonymous said...

And so begins a long and passionate embrace that we in the KVKL so desire from Nog and his fanciful friends.

Please lay out all requisite idiocy and generalizations we must familiarize ourselves with in order to feel welcome here.

Please refrain from using multi-syllabic words, beer references that stray from Hamms or PBR, avoid pejorative comments about tight shorts/pants, and (above all else) DO NOT compare kickball to softball.

Though we may be hipsters, we are able to sympathize with those who are far less cool than we.

Let the embrace begin.